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Last update: March 22, 2011

The Technical section was last modified: May 8, 2010

This page is dedicated to the care and feeding of the Morgan automobile, a truly unique marquee. This page is primarily a technical page for use as a restoration guide and to help owners maintain their car. My_Morgan

The technical section is divided into 2 major parts:

General Automotive articles - These articles are for the Do It Yourselfer (DIY) on things from Body work, Brakes, Carburetors, Cooling systems, Electrical, Hardware info., Metal working, Tools, etc. These articles provide general information for the new comers to the hobby.

Morgan Specific articles - These articles are Morgan specific, and deal with things like the front suspension, the wooden body tub, brakes, body sheet metal, clutch, chassis, cooling, electrical, etc. Most of these articles document how I did things restoring my '65 4/4 Series V. Which in reality will cover a lot of the +4s and +8s. There are some articles specific to the +4 and +8s.

Hopefully, others with a passion for this unique Marquee will contribute their technical experiences to help this site grow by submitting articles and pictures to me for posting here.

I hope you find some of this information useful regardless of your reasons for stopping here. Enjoy your stay.

For those that have contributed, my sincerest thanks!


Rest In Peace

Joe Deluca and Linda Gronlund

It is with a very heavy heart that I post this, but it is only fitting!

We, as the Morgan Community, lost a true Gentleman and Lady on September 11, 2001, when Joe Deluca and his friend Linda Gronlund were killed in the terrorist hyjacking and crash of United Flight 93 outside of Pittsburgh, PA. They were very active in the New England (USA) Morgan circles and will be sorely missed! Joe was a past president of the Three/Four Morgan Group.

While I don't remember meeting Joe, face to face, we have been friends for many years via email and the morgan mailing list.

As I type this, I fight back the tears that I haven't been able to shed over this whole ordeal.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all that have been touched by this tragedy.

(Note: My email address has changed as of 10/15/03 to I have not had a chance to make the changes to all the pages to reflect this.)

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Restoration - Why we do it
dot_clear The Soul   By: TeriAnn Wakeman - July 99 A must read
dot_clear Friends   By: Frank Underwood - July 99
dot_clear KISS  Keep It Simple Stupid
dot_clear A Quick Note Before You Start

Why or What's so different about a Morgan?
dot_clear Here is an attempt at explaining it.
dot_clear Tea with the Termites    By: Rick Rosenthal - Dec. 1997

Behind the scenes
dot_clear My Thanks and some Lessons for Life new     Jan. '10   Please read
dot_clear Thanks to those that have helped
dot_clear How This Page Came Into Existence

The Nuts and Bolts section
dot_clear My Car
dot_clear Historical Articles
dot_clear Tech/Restoration Articles     updated May 8, 2010
dot_clear The Scrapbook Pictures
dot_clear Parts Suppliers
dot_clear Part Cross Reference Information

Associated information
dot_clear The Morgan Mailing List
dot_clear The Morgan Library Catalogue
dot_clear Morgan Clubs in North America
Morgan links
dot_clear Other Marquee links updated 8/5/2005

Other Non Car Related Projects
dot_clearHome Improvement Projects
How to install Vinyl stair railing
dot_clear How to install Vinyl Porch Columns
dot_clear Install Vinyl Shed
dot_clearHam Radio
dot_clear Replacing the Memory Backup Battery in an Azden PCS-3000

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