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©By: John T. Blair (WA4OHZ)
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1 9 6 5 M o r g a n 4 / 4 S e r i e s V


Factory: Malvern Link, Worcestershire, England

Owner: John T. Blair of Virginia Beach, Va.
Since: 1968

Restored by: John T. Blair (May 1989 - Aug. 1992)
Time: 1740+ hr

Engine: English Ford Cortina - 1500cc 67hp 4 cylinder
Transmission: 4 speed manual

The Morgan Motor Car company of Malvern Link, Worcestershire, England was founded by H. F. S. Morgan in 1909 when he started producing 3 wheel cyclecars. These "trikeses" as they were called, were powered by 2 cylinder motorcycle engines and produced until 1950. In 1934 Morgan introduced the first 4/4. The 4/4 stood for 4 wheels and 4 cylinders. Those original cars looked very similar to this one, except the grill for the radiator was flat, the rear deck had an additional curve at the top and there were 2 spare tires. In 1955 the Factory started the "transition" cars. The nose became rounded, the rear deck became flatter, and only 1 spare tire was used. To all outward appearance the car has not changed since then.

The Morgan Motor Car Co. currently produces 3 versions of the 4 wheeler, the 4/4 1,8 L Ford Modeo Zetec engine producing about 120 Hp, the +4 with a 2 liter Rover engine and the +8 with the Buick Rover Aluminum Block 3.9 L liter engine. The Morgan Motor Car Co. is one of the few remaining independent car companies in the World.

A couple of the interesting features of this car are:

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