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Last update: Dec. 23, 2000

In case you aren't aware of it, there is a mailing list dedicated to the Morgan Marque. Here, with one post, you can ask a question to over 100 Morgan owners all over the world. Usually answers will start coming within 2 hours. The only thing faster is a phone call, if the person is home.

The members of this mailing list range from the new Morgan owner to the experienced wrench turners. There is a lot of experience here to tap.

There is also a searchable archive for the mailing list. So you can search to see if your question has been discussed before.

To subscribe to the list (oh, by the way - it's free) simply send email to:
dot_clear dot_clear
The body of the message should be:
dot_clear dot_clear subscribe morgans
dot_clear end
I hope you'll come join use with your questions or your experience.

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