Azden PCS-3000 - Replacing Memory Backup Battery

Ok, next step, Replace the battery. What do I need? I can't find my Azden manual so I turn the the internet and start searching for manuals, or information on the battery.

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Originally written: March 22, 2011

Like so many hams a lot of my gear has been in the attic for the last several years, due to the kids taking over the house. Well now the kids have gone and I'm able to start to put my ham shack back together. One of the first pieces of equipment I brought out of the attic was my old Azden PCS-3000 2 meter radio. I know it has an internal battery to backup the memory for the microprocessor, as I had to replace it years ago. I didn't remember removing the battery so I was hoping that the acid hadn't leaked out too much and done any damage. I was it luck. The battery was dead, and leaking a little, but it was all contained to the battery.

Azden PCS-3000
Azden PCS-3000
I can't say that I really found what I was looking for, but I did find that several years ago there were some threads of people looking for info on the batteries and how to change them. It turns out that the PCS-3000 uses a 4.8V 50mAh battery and the battery is located in the remote head of the radio. I thought I'd talk you through getting a new battery and replacing it.

After spending many hours searching on line for a battery, I found that I could not get 1 battery anyplace. Most sources for the battery were in China and required a minimum order of about 500 pieces. I tried Radio Shack to noavail. I finally ened up at a local Batteries Plus here in Virginia Beach. The folks there were very helpfull and actually made me a battery. They ordered 4 DAN80SSNM 1.2V nimh button cell batteries and then connected them together and wrapped them in heat shrink tubing for $26 (in 3/2011). I don't think I could have ordered the battery from any place and paid the shipping and and gotten a battery any cheaper.

Old & New battery
Old & New battery
Replacing the battery will require some disassembly of the radio. First the control head has to be seperated from the radio buy loosening the 2 screws that hold the clamps in place. Head Removed
Head Removed
Then the top cover will have to be removed by removing the 2 screws (one on each side) that hold it to the control head. Then the cover can be lifted off. RemoveHeadCover
Removing Control Head's Cover
Control Head's Cover Removed
To really be able to see the battery, the back panel will have to be removed by removing the 4 screws. RemoveRearCover
Remove Rear Cover
Now the battery is visable, but still not very accessable. Battery
Battery Visable
You will need to remove the circuit board, to get the battery out and to make desoldering and resoldering the new one easier, by removing the 4 screws that hold the circuit board to the control head. RemoveProcessorBoard
To Remove Processor Board
Now you can unsolder the battery from the circuit board. I used a piston type solder sucker, some prefer solder wick. So use what ever you have or are confortable with. UnsolderBattery
Unsolder the Battery
Now with the circuit board gently pulled away from the control head and the battery unsoldered, you can remove the old battery and install the new one. I hope you looked at the battery for a positive or negative sign and it orientation. If not, the negative side of the battery goes to the outside edge where the screw is that olds the PC board to the metal frame. Remove Battery
Battery Now Removable
Reassembly is the reverse.

There you have it, how to replace the battery in an Azden PCS-3000. If you don't have a Batteries Plus in your area, check your phone book for some place that sells all types of replacement batteries. Armed with the information about the battery being a 4.8V 50 mAhr battery made from 4 1.2V cells a good battery store should be able to make the battery for you for under $30.

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