©By: Frank Underwood

Last update: July 3, 1999

(ED. Frank Underwood also tried to cheer Ken (in The Soul) up with some of the things he has gotten out of doing his restoration.)

Frank wrote:

TeriAnn mentioned the two types of rebuilders; I find myself in the first group. I do it because they enjoy spending the time... as opposed to the 2nd; want the car to become like new but would rather be spending time doing other things.

My Ford project has been on going for over a decade! But what I have been able to do with this project has been fantastic. I have traveled to places that I might not have otherwise gone to in search of parts. I have met some really nice and sincere people. I have become part of a community ( this list for example). I have something that everyone else expresses envy of - the car, and the ability and/or desire to do something very drastic to it [take a grinder and/or cut off wheel to the car body].

So although the progress has been slow, it still fuels the dream of putting this car back on the road; gives me something else to share with my customers, and the satisfaction that "I" did this!

Cheers, Frank Underwood

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