"Dear Panel,
I just bought a 1966 Morgan 4/4 Series V Competition which comes with a Wooler 4 speed close ratio gearbox. The problem is that sometimes the fourth gear "disconnects". The moment it happens sometimes is when I geared wrongly (4th instead of 2nd) but also while driving in 4th already for a while.

I'm afraid something may be wrong with the bearings inside, but hope it could be something more simple in the lever mechanism. Thanks in advance for your expert opinion.

Edwin Boom
The Netherlands"


Bill Fink

To my recollection the gearbox is standard Ford, the gearshift linkage conversion is "Wooler," treat it like any other gearbox.

Bill Fink
Isis Imports Ltd.

John Worrall

Although your gearbox needs to be looked at for selectors/bearings etc by a garage, please not it is NOT a "Wooler" is FORD. Wooler was a remote change mechanism sold on the after market and sometimes fitted by Morgans to certain models such as yours as the original Ford box had a long gear lever and the Wooler change was a much  shorter "remote" lever producing a quicker gearchange! This is just so you get it right when trying to get parts (which will not be easy !)

Best wishes
John Worrall