"I imported my new right hand drive Plus 8 4.6 litres directly from the Morgan factory in 2000. What is the easiest way to improve the exhaust note without removing the catalytic converter? I had a new Elise before and the exhaust note sounded much better after I replaced the standard one with a sports exhaust. Is there a similar sports exhaust for the Plus 8? Thank you very much for your expert opinions. Best regards from Hong Kong.


John Sheally II

I replace the silencer (muffler) with a "TRUSH" OR "CHERRY BOMB".  These are free flow mufflers and their are many brands available. One of the nicest today is the "FLOWMASTER" if they are available to you.   I them put "ANSA" chrome tips on the end of the pipes at the rear. The "ANSA" is a quality Mini-Muffler in itself.  With that combo you will have a nice "throaty" sound and a sweet "burble"
at idle.

Hope this helps.

Sincerely, John H. Sheally II

Rob Wells

We manufacture the Librands cross-over exhaust system in 304 stainless steel which includes everything from the cylinder head to the tailpipes and utilises your existing catalysts for £1205 plus carriage. These systems, of which we have sold hundreds give a 25 bhp performanc increase, a much better exhaust note and a weight saving as they replace the standard cast iron exhaust manifolds.


Rob Wells, Libra Motive

John Worrall

There are several ways with the exhaust: the simple way is to change your silencers for performance straight through ones and dispense with the rear resonator boxes just using straight through pipes to the rear. This is the least expensive way..the cost of 2 front pipes/2 straight thru silencers/2 rear pipes all in 304 stainless is approx £600.

Alternatively you can change everything from the manifolds! Tthis is a lot more involved as to use 4
branch manifolds/twin downpipes with lambda/then your existing cats/then as above costs around £1500 but also involves cutting & reflanging the valances for the pipes to exit and possibly moving the brake master cylinder resevoir to the bulkhead to keep it away from the heat. The latter gives a big performance increase, the former gives a good sound with less work/expense.

Best wishes
John Worrall