"I am in the process of restoring a 60 plus 4.  I have the triumph TR3  engine that goes with it, but both the moss gearbox and cast flange that contains the borg and beck clutch and connects the engine to the gearbox.

There are no shortage of moss 4 speed transmissions, but the shifter and  some of the specific morgan parts are hard to come by.  Were these items produced for use in any other  automobiles?  Was the cast flange utilized in any other automobiles?  Who produced  it?  Is
there any way to get a shop drawing of it so I could have somebody cast  it?
Thanks for your help, Jonas Payne"


John Sheally II


The back end alloy casting of the Moss box used in the Morgan is Morgan only (the piece that has the feet and bolt holds ).  The front bell housing is Magnesium and Morgan only.  The Pilot shaft and muff coupling is Morgan only. The alloy sliding sleeve that holds the carbon throw out bearing is Jag XK-120 (but buy it from MMC as a unit). The clutch linkage is Morgan only. Try Morgan Motor Company, Ltd. for the parts take what they have then start checking with the aftermarket folks and I would try Fred Sisson as well.

Sincerely, John H. Sheally II

Rob Wells

We can supply a new bell housing in aluminium, [the original was electron] and most of the gearbox spares including new intermediate shaft between gearbox and engine. All these parts were peculiar to Morgan.


Rob Wells, Libra Motive