"I am driving a +8 1975 RHD model with Rover 4-speed gearbox. Unfortunately the gear setting plate for shifting/controlling the gears is moving the gearshift is like stiring pastry:-)

Any idea where to get a repair package (tried to find out via the Web - no success). Many thanks in advance,
Oliver Bahner"


Bill Fink

I'm not sure what "dickey" means in this contact, but the gent could try moving the top plate so that the selector fits the actual gear  pattern better - this may involve enlarging the holes holding the  gate in place to improve the alignment for 2nd gear, if that is the problem.

Bill Fink
Isis Imports Ltd.

John Sheally II

Oliver, Give Paul Trussler a call at Morgan Motor Company. Ltd. and he may be able to solve the 4 speed shifter situation for you, but probably not. The 4-speed was a badly made weak box and parts are not available because of age of production. You could try a plea on eMog for someone that has a box stashed, but you will be continuing a potential problem. Last but not least you may have to crawl about old Rover dealers for part numbers, new old stock on a dusty parts bend. Could be a long chase ahead of you. Most people have gone for an alternative gearbox

Sincerely, John H. Sheally II

John Worrall

This is a common problem with this early Rover box for which there have been no Rover parts available for two decades! I suggest you try RIMMERS in the UK..they are Triumph Stag & Rover Specialists and may have had some parts made? Otherwise try Royce Power Transmissions tel: 0044 1279 421461

Best Wishes
John Worrall

N.B. from the GoMoG webmaster September 1999
There is no percentage in repairing this gearbox. It has weak internals and no parts supply. It's performance was always substandard. It would be prudent to find a swap you are comfortable with. Either the later Rover 5 speed, the LT77, or a T5 are the popular choices.Parts section.