"What would be the best replacement tire for the old XZXs on a Super Sports? It would
be nice not to affect the speedo/odometer in the process. The original equipment was Dunlop SP41s.

David Nielson


Bill Fink

Try Pirelli P4000's.

Bill Fink
Isis Imports Ltd.

John Sheally II

This is a tough one, David, as there are few tires offered today in 165 x 15 I would check on Avon and also Michelin in the VW line that they offer. Anything more than the 165 and you will have to round the top rectangular bar holding the main spring and contour the spring to match the bar. I would rather see you stay with a bias belted tire if possible as with my beloved 1967 Super Sports the car was "in it's own" on bias belted tires as opposed to radials. You are going to have to be patient and picky on this search for the right tire. Cherish that car. Avon is probably going to do the trick on this very special Morgan of yours.

Sincerely, John H. Sheally II

Rob Wells

I would recommend the Avon ZZ 175x70x15 in 'H' compound. It is a superb tyre and  looks
old fashioned yet we race on it.  It can be supplied from us at Libra Motive or the Morgan factory.


Rob Wells

Gerry Willburn

British Wire Wheel ( ) offers XZX 165x15 for $82


John Worrall

I have Goodyear GT 80s/Goodyear Grand prix on my Supersports..they are excellent !

John Worrall