"I am planning to convert my 1996 +4 to left hand drive. I would  appreciate your views on what are the majors items to be replaced ie, is  it vital to change the bulkhead, can the existing wiring loom cope with  the changeover, and what other major changes are needed
 john daglish +4 uk."


Bill Fink

The last one of these we did was over 30 years ago so I'm a little out of date. You could use the same  bulkhead, and the wiring is probably ambidextrous, but you will, of  course, need a new steering box and mounting bracket, and linkage to carry the foot controls to the other side, although I imagine the  clutch is now hydraulic. New facia board, of course.

Bill Fink
Isis Imports Ltd.

John H. Sheally II


Except for requirements of various countries why on earth would you want to convert a RHD to a LHD?! For that matter I have always wondered why anyone would do a LHD to a RHD.

It can be done either way but if it is done the right way it is very costly and to do it correctly yes you would want to change bulkhead or you end up with a patched one. Then you have to change the complete steering and Facia and harness. Again, why ?

Concerned, John H. Sheally II

John Worrall

It is much better to change the Bulkhead and the valances (inner wings)...I have seen it done without changing these items but it is a "bodge" !!!!  You can also now get Stainless Steel Bulkheads & Valances which obviously are much better. You obviously have to change the Steering Box assembly & Bracket, The Dashboard the Wiper Rack & arm assembly etc. You may get away with the wiring loom.

John Worrall

2015 GoMoG Webmaster: Many countries now refuse the importation of locally "wrongside" cars, making a switch from one to another far more common.  As well, there is a large price issue in selling a rHd in a LDH country or vice versa. The task and cost varies with the year of the car and the availibility of the parts needed in each case...specifically the steering system.