Just taken delivery of a 2002 +8, love the car, but want a better exhaust note and do not really fancy paying another £2K for a decent system just yet.  Does  anyone have experience of simply cutting of the rearmost silencers on either side and replacing them with some plain pipe, if so does anyone make these pipes/fixings?   Colin"

John Sheally II

Colin, cut the rears off and simply add lengths of the silver alloy pipe that most muffler shops use today. It is a matt silver looking pipe that does not rust and does not turn color. run the pipes straight back and put Ansa tips on the ends just short of or even with your black blade (bumper) that's what I do with my Plus-8. Sounds great flows better. No need to upsize the pipe.  Sincerely, John H. Sheally II

John Worrall

You can either change the centre silencers for straight through ones together with straight thru tailpipes to the rear (this will give the best sound without changing the entire system and should cost approx £600 all in the UK)...OR you can just change the rear silencers/pipes from the centre silencer back for a pair of straight thru tailpipes to fit your existing centre silencers (aprox cost £240 all in in the UK)..increasing the bore just at the back will not necessarily do anything for the sound but the first option noted would indeed! Remember your catylists take up some of the traditional V8 rumble.

Hope this helps,

John Worrall