"Dear Panel,

I have a '63 plus four, TR4 engine, that I will be doing some engine work on. I am looking for specific information on the engine (and other )modifications which Chris Lawrence and the Morgan factory used to create the Super Sports. Thank-you, your responses are really great.

 Scott Lankton, Ann Arbor, Michigan"


John Sheally II


Before you get started you should be aware that, today, you can put well over $10,000 bucks in a PLUS-4 /TR-4 Engine. This is done everyday with the "vintage" guys who run faster laps than the National Champions of their time in these "Vintage racers" of today.

These crazy bucks spent go into billet steel cranks, forged pistons, $2000 rod sets, wild cams, high dollar clutch packs, alloy flywheels, etc. etc. and extensive dyno time and testing. Add  $2500 to $5500 for a trick gearbox then cut down a 9 inch Ford Rear end with a posi-unit in it and a trick housing for it as well. After all this and more,  you call your Plus-4 or TR4 or Lotus,Etc. Etc. a "stock vintage racer of the 1950s". That is the way it's done today.

You asked about what Chris did for the Super Sports. You will want for to know of the Work's model, I imagine. Here, one installs a mild  "Street Autocross" cam, balances the engine and puts a 2&2 piston and liner kit in it. Then do a pocket job on the combustion chambers of the head, matching the intake and exhaust gaskets to the head ports. Hang a set of 42 DCOE carbs on it ( I prefer 45 DCOEs). Curve your distributor to 30 degrees advance and you have the Work's engine package.

If you want cam specs, look up the grind of the "F" and/or "D" cam used by the Group 44 TR-4s and you will be there. You can do this SS form of the engine and it will be accurate for what you asked for quite a bit less than the setups of todays "vintage" racers noted above.

Sincerely, John H. Sheally II

John Worrall

The original Supersports had a gas flowed, polished & ported cylinder head Twin 42 or 45 Webber Carbs (and of course a bonnet scoop to clear them). Special 4 branch exhaust manifold with straight through exhaust system. 72 spoke (as against the standard 60) wire wheels on Dunlop Racing tyres with uprated stub axles. The low line models (63 on) had a remote radiator header tank on the bulkhead with long pipes leading from the radiator. Six Supersports were made ex factory with rear telescopic suspension. These details can be found in the following books : Original Morgan (John Worrall) and Morgans: 1936 to 68 (Ken Hill) Both books have pictures of Supersports models if that helps.

With Best wishes

John Worrall