""Our dials have misted up ever since we had our car from new. It seems to be worse when the heater is on in cold weather. Can anything be done to stop this?

Pam Laughton


Bill Fink

Misting instruments became a problem with the early VDO gauges - the solution is to use the car more frequently and run with the interior lights on to cook the moisture out of the gauges, or to drill a couple of 1/8" holes around the perimeter of the gauge housing to allow for ventilation.

Best, Bill Fink

Melvyn Rutter

Hello Pam,

Misty instruments: For new cars they already have breather holes in the instrument cases. (make sure these are not clogged).

Older VDO gauges do not have the holes. Drill two vents holes at east & west on the case, directly behind the bezel rim / it's the cure.


John Sheally II

Dear Pam,

Behind your dials are rubber "O" ring gaskets, they are probably dried out or cracked,replace them and make sure your bezels fit tight when you put the glass,"O" rings and bezel back in place.

Sincerely, John H. II

Gerry Willburn

Hi Lorne,

Not to be flippant, but I have never seen this problem.  It might have something to do with our weather.


(Webmaster note: Gerry Willburn lives in southern California a move to which may be considered a possible solution to this problem)

John Worrall

This is a common problem ! Drill a VERY SMALL hole in the casing of the instrument. OR: attach a small pack of "silica" gel to the rear of the instrument. Either of these options may dispell the moisture.

John Worrall