"Hi Bill,

The commonly accepted history relates that Morgan went to alloy rims for the Plus 8 because the torque of the Plus 8 quickly threw wire wheels out of alignment. What is the real story?


Bill Fink


I have the original wire wheels and tires, and they are still usable. In fact, Maurice (Owen) and I had a good run to Santa Barbara in OUY using these wheels and tires several years ago.

I race the car with wire wheels and Goodyear racing tires, with no problem.

Maurice's car was always, to my knowledge, fitted with Cobra type wire wheels, 6" rims. The story about Plus 8's not being suitable for wire wheels is total nonsense. We started fitting these Cobra type wire wheels to Plus 8's in 1979, and have never had a problem. The Cobra, of course, started out with more power and torque than the Plus 8.

Another myth bites the dust?


Hermen Pol

That's easy. Only the first prototype car (the one owned by Bill Fink) had wire wheels, as with was an "upgraded" +4, with Rover V8 engine. The chassis still was +4 and for the lack of room under the bonnet (hood) they needed two bulges to accomodate the carburettors. Wire wheels at that time were not considered strong enough for the power generated by the V8 engine. The Robinson 15" wheels were a very nice alternative.

Hermen Pol