"I have received four inquires from owners of 4/4s wishing to know whether there are options to enhance their engine performance...either mildly or more. Three of the owners have 1982s and one a 1984. Any thoughts? 



Bill Fink


The British were racing the 4/4 CVH's and would be your best source for stage 1, 2, etc. I suspect that the Brazilian 1800's that SVRA guys have been running are the most amenable to tuning, as the CVH head is not very good for gas flow.

Dave Bean Engineering (209) 754-5802, fax (209) 754-5177 is the best source I know for Ford Cortina stuff, but I don't know if he does the CVH as well.



Melvyn Rutter

Greetings Lorne,

All sorts of things can be done, something simple like a tubular exhaust manifold set up to a full house 1900cc unit with all the right bits. Depends on the owners budget and how much faster they want to go.

We have the tubular manifolds here which help the engine breath much more freely.

Best wishes

Melvyn R

John Sheally II

Dear 4/4 engine enhancement owners of 82s and 84s,

All engines can be enhanced in many areas. The first and nicest thing that you can do to one for the least money is have it balanced and add a nice set of free flow tubular branch exhaust headers and a free flow non-restrictive exhaust system. Next for a lot of bottom end torque add a street/autocross camshaft and bump the compression up to 9+1/2 OR 10+1/2 TO I.

After that point, the sky can be the limit depending on the extent of your bank account and how fast and how well you want to go. For greater capacity, cubic inches equal cubic dollars, .......then there are blowers, alloy blocks, big carbs etc.

There is also another direction for greater performance that doesn't cost much but works well. Give the car and the driver a diet. The lighter any car is the faster it goes.

Plan and pick a specific plan and course of action and then have fun.

Best to you,
John H. Sheally II

John Worrall

The easiest, quickest and least expensive way of improving the performance of a CVH 4/4 is to fit a 4 Branch Performance Manifold & Straight through Exhaust system together with a K&N Performance Air filter. This gives between 10 and 15% more power together with improved torque especially in 5th gear. (It also gives a much better sound !!). whatever else you do later to increase performance further, you need to do this first.

The next stage would be to fit a performance camshaft with uprated tappets and this can be obtained as a complete kit together with timing disc etc. (A further 5% increase on above). You can fit twin Webber Carbs but this gives little extra for the just looks good.

After this it is a question of engine enlargement...out to 1800/1900/2 litres (it has all been done). At the extreme you can turbocharge and even turbocharge with Weber Marrelli Fuelinjection. The latter gave 195 bhp at the WHEELS (!!!) on Mike fellow's race car and was completely reliable! If you do this you need to asttend to brakes and suspension !!

The exhaust manifold & filter suit most peoples demands for road use.

With best wishes

John Worrall