"The Supersports bonnet conversion has an open front. What happens when it rains and you drive along, does your air inlet filter get wet, soak up water and stop working? I am confused by this, please help me!

Secondly, the inner wing conversion which allows the filters to be fitted, does this get water in it and is it worth drilling a couple of holes in the bottom to let it out?"



Bill Fink


The Super Sports featured velocity stacks on the twin Weber carburettors, so the issue of the wet air filters did not arise. If you intend to use air filters, K & N would be a good bet as they wouldn't be bothered by the water.

There is no inner wing conversion to clear the filters.

Best,  Bill Fink

Melvyn Rutter

In reply to SS water ingress I would say not to worry.  The very best people to answer this question, who are or have been Super Sport owners, are John Worrall and John Sheally. Greg Solow of Santa Cruz has had a number through his hands also, but then it doesn't rain in California that often!!

Melvyn R.

John H. Sheally II

Dear Stoatgobbler,

I have run my SS over the years with just the tubes and mesh over them and then, for other periods, with filters. In the rain, the little bit of water that gets to the carbs actually helps. It is such a small amount that it works as if you were spraying a mist of water into the carbs and creates the same effect as water injection. Acccordingly it actually improves performance.  You may have noticed that on a foggy day or a day qwith high humidity that you find a noted improvement in acceleration. The response and the machine feel better......that's the mist or water injection, ergo.. leave it alone.

As to the box under it, drill holes if you wish but I perfer a original Supersports as I feel that the MMC got that model as right as any it ever produced so don't fix what isn't broke.

Best to you and your SS.



Gerry Willburn

 Hi Lorne,

The Webbers on the original SuperSports had "bell" ends, not filters. Therefore, while you will ingest some water while driving through the rain, there IS NO filter to saturate and stop working.

I know nothing about "through the valence" air inlets.


John Worrall

As the owner of a Genuine Supersports, I can assure you that the water does not effect the air inlet filters because THERE ARE NONE !!! The webber carbs just had open trumpets which you will notice if you look at period photographs of these cars. There are no alterations to the inner wing compared to a standard +4 as the carbs exit well above it. Suggest you consult the pictures of my own car in the book "Original Morgan"

With best wishes,  John Worrall.