"I own a Morgan 4/4: brand new one May 2000. Friends told me to be very cautious when using wax to  polish the car. Any suggestions on what product I should use?  I saw one friend using simple petroleum to clean his car (like dry washing). Is that a good idea?

Marc Bosquet


Herman Pol

Waxing indeed is a delicate item. Some people say it is essential to make your car shine. However, waxing also means removing a little of the paint every time the wax is rubbed. In order to preserve the car better, one should wash the car properly and dry it with a soft cloth (watch out for any hard items that can cause scratches) inside and out. Store the car in a dry spot, far away from humidity, which makes the paint dull.

Keep your Morgan fine, but don't hide it away!

Hermen Pol

Melvyn Rutter

Cleaning a new Morgan:  Wash with light soapy water, rinse with clear and dry Polish with non silicone product, non abrasive. Do not use petroleum under any circumstances.

Melvyn R

John Sheally II

Dear Marc,

A new car or new paint should be washed only and towel or shammie dried for as long as the paint looks good. At the time it starts to pick up scratches or start to look a little off it's time for wax, a pure Carnuba based is best if the car's paint shows fade or a dullness use a wax that has a mild cleaner in it such as Turtle. Stay away from pumice based waxes unless it's a fine pumice. When using a new wax that you are not used to, first do a small sample spot on the car (usually the side or lower panels) and use your personal visual results as yes or no to that product. Never wax a car before washing it. Most mild dish liquid soaps such as Joy or Pamolive Green make nice wash agents rather than the expensive (Special car wash products)Keep the machine clean and mean as it will go faster (less friction in the wind) which is all in your mind. Ride on Roughrider!

Sincerely,John H. Sheally II

John Worrall

You should use a good quality WAX polish on the car such as AUTOGLYM, MER or JOHNSONS wax which are all available in Europe. I think AUTIGLYM is also available in USA and the Far East.