"There has been much talk lately about shock recommendations for
the front and rear. Any suggestions?"


Bill Fink


We find the best combination on the front of the Plus 8 or Plus 4 to be Morgan's new blue road springs & rebounds with their adjustable front shock absorbers which go from standard, to firm, to very firm. We have been using the soft setting for road work.

Best, Bill

Melvyn Rutter

The standard Morgan shocks are sufficient but not more than that. A good alternative would be adjustable oil-filled KONI shocks or the gas charged adjustable SPAX shocks.

We carry both in stock.

Regards, Melvyn

John Sheally II

Save your money on the Koni's and expensive shocks and use a set of MONROE on the fronts from a Chevy Love Truck and a set of Early Corvette MONROE on the rear of (yes!) all three models Plus 4, 4/4 and Plus 8s. Been there, done that, on all three models at less than $50US per set of two.

Sincerely, JHSII

Greg Solow

We prefer Spax gas on the front and use the original Armstrong levers on the rear.  We uprate the rear shocks about 30% stiffer than they were when new and lubricate the rear spring with 90 EP gear oil or "chain and cable lube" This makes a tremendous difference to the ride and handling especially on
bumpy surfaces.  I have not noticed any substantial advantage to installing tube shocks on the rear as compared to the uprated levers.

Regards, Greg Solow

John Worrall

The best shock absorbers for Road use are undoubtedly KONI. If you wish to make continual readjustment (ie for track use) then SPAX are a good alternative.

John Worrall