"I have a 1993 Morgan Plus 8, delivered in Dec '93 serial number of
10948. I am thinking of changing to wire wheels. What are my options and/or modifications that are available to me?


Melvyn Rutter

We can provide specially built center lock wire wheels and splined hubs which will go on a Plus 8
of this vintage. No need to modify and widen wings, all goes under the existing arches with no problems.
Complete kit including 5 chrome wires, splined hubs, chrome 2 ear spinners etc costs around £2400 plus delivery.

Best wishes, Melvyn

John Sheally II
Dear Lenn, That is a simple but a bit costly conversion. Just check with Paul Trussler,Spares Manager at Morgan Motor Co. Ltd. He can supply with the parts to make the switch as well as the wheels. Stay with the factory setup it fits and works out without problems presented with other suppliers!!!!

Yours,John H. Sheally II

John Worrall

You can get a set of Chrome wire wheels with stainless Steel spokes to a very high quality, complete with hub adaptors and all the fittings in the original size to fit this car (or any other Morgan !!) from Dayton Wheels in Ohio USA.

In case of difficulty we can supply them..but if you are in Canada or the USA it is probably easier to go direct.