From: Simon Moore

Front Brakes for a 1979 4/4

Is there an easy way to upgrade the standard 2-pot calipers by replacing with a 4-pot unit?  Many thanks,


John H. Sheally II

Dear Simon,

I have upgraded quite a few cars to the 4 pot calipers. It is done by buying the complete Plus-8 4 pot setup and installing it on your 4/4. This should includc the spindle, rotor, discs and calipers....the package should be done completely so that you finish with extra strength, offset and fit. However, the only reason to do this on your car would be if you are going to race it. If you want to make your Morgan stop faster simply purchase a set of Porterfield Industries, Ltd. carbon brake shoes for the rear and pads for the front in R4S compound and you will be quite startled with the improvement...not to mention the large saving of your money.

Best to you.

John H. Sheally II

John Worrall

The current Morgan 4/4 has excellent 4 pot calipers and it is easy to upgrade your 1979 car to the current system. You need a set of the new calipers and pads, new mounting brackets, bolts and new front flexible brake hoses to suit. Your current brake discs will work perfectly well with the new calipers but do check them for scoring and thickness if the car has had much use as at that age the discs can be worn.

John Worrall