From: Mike Dewar October 12, 1998

I have a 1980 Plus 8. I am wondering what the costs and problems would be in switching the steering system to Morgan rack and pinion.


Bill Fink

Dear Mike,

The only problems associated with converting your car to rack and pinion are the cost of all the bits and the time necessary for the conversion. Off the top of my head, the job is somewhere around $4500 inclusive of the parts, although it is several years since we have done one.

Everything else is a plus, from improvement in handling with the loss of most of "bump steer", to the precision of a system without any free play in the center position, to the decrease in steering effort.


John H. Sheally II

Dear Mike,

You may check with Paul Trussler at Morgan for the exact cost of converting your 80 Plus-8 to Rack & Pinion. It will probably be over $5000 as that is a Jack Knight true center load Rack and Pinion in any case.

The good news is that for quite a bit less you may convert your unit to the Gemmer recirculate ball unit. I have updated mine to that unit on my 83 Eight and my 72 (new) Plus-8 Racer and feel that if you drove the car with the Gemmer and jumped into one with the rack that unless someone told you which was which you would not be able to tell.

Best to you.

John Worrall

It is probably easier and cheaper to change your Steering Box to the later GEMMER steering box. This is a direct need a Box, drop arm and bracket cost around £500 GB pounds. Steering will be lighter, more positive and better self centering.

To change to Rack & Pinion you have to change the STUB AXLES in addition to purchasing the Rack, new track rods, lower centre columns, axles, bearings etc. The cost of this will add up to about £2500 (GB pounds). Rack and Pinion is lighter than the Gemmer box but the Gemmer is almost as good and much easier!

Best wishes,