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PARTS WATCHPOINT 1 (within the Morgan community) Owners, even Morgan dealers, can be bizarre with part-sourcing. For example, some owners from certain countries feel that they are best to buy in their country! Yet it is a simple rule of logic that the farther from the manufacturer one sources, the further from the character and the knowledge one travels. There are rare exceptions of course. Additionally, importers charge 2-3 times what sourcing closer to the origin does) and causes so much grief.

1. The MMC prices are no longer the most reasonable that can be found. They are now more often much higher than can be from other sources.

2. The MMC is completing its abandonment of supplying trads with parts begun with the sale of the "old spares" in 2001. They are currently selling off the balance of the inventory in this area, though parts have difficult to obtain for some time. They have noted that their new line has no more than 2% of the same parts.   

For some time, the MMC has charged an extra percentage on every part they send outside of the UK. In the beginning, the higher prices were supposed to cover shipping &handling. However, now shipping is charged on top of the extra percentage. The percentage for overseas dealers (the USA, Downunder, etc.) is 50%. It makes these ex-UK Morgan dealers totally non-competitive with other sources, even merely buying directly from in UK dealers. 

4. The dealer's contract imposed by the MMC forces all dealers to buy parts (if these are available) from the Factory or face punishment and fines

5. Sadly, the many generations of Factory supply, have spoon-fed most Dealers and they do not have the depth of knowledge on the original sources of most parts. The noted "All Parts" sourced above, are very knowledgeable, and if they have a problem, Morgan cogniescente will help them.

6. Lastly, some popular dealers who rely on serving older Morgans can be extremely predatory on parts supply for model and year parts not covered by their engagement with the Company. Quality can be bad and I regularly see markups from these people of 50-100% over parts from other sources.  

In a nutshell, to protect owners and their Morgans,  GoMoG is abandoning its 30 year old rule against publicly recommending dealers. As always, GoMoG  will not benefit from any source named. We will name those we have reason to trust. If they fail to meet GoMoG standards at any time in the future, they will be removed. Morgan sources will be prominently displayed, and we have culled the old list of parts suppliers and replaced them with SPECIALISTS in the needed component. If you have suggestions, please send them along!

WATCHPOINT 2 Non-Morgan community sourcing. Engine and gearbox parts are often better sourced from non-Morgan engine suppliers. However, buying through a Morgan Expert often guarantees the right part as their knowldge comes along with then part.

WATCHPOINT 3 Morgans, since the 1960s, have many variants around the world despite having the same year and model designation. These variations extend to engine management, structure, safety modifications, weight and performance though the cars look more-or-less the same. For a long period (1960s-1998 when the MMC under Charles Morgan, took over foreign compliancy in Malvern and subsequently lost those markets), dealers would modify  the cars for local regulatory compliancy. That meant that the same country could differently alter Morgans depednign on who one purchased from!
This creates much confusion, wasted time and the wrong parts purchase to this day. One must be sure what Morgan variant one has outside the UK. You could be buying for a toally different engine management or car. It also prejudices forum advice as the participants may not be aware of the the inapplicability of the advice they are giving. I run into this daily. :(

WATCHPOINT 4 The ever growing unreliability of new parts. We now live in a replacement rather repair era. Repair skills access is becoming more difficult as a result. However, the quality of new parts has become rightfully suspect. I find many new parts are defective from the box..either not performaing at all or soon failing. For moggers this has sadly been combined for the last generation's MMC parts sourcer and manufacturing management, who uses cost as its first priority losinjg the products once admirable reputation for reliability.
I find it infinitely wiser to have parts repaired rather than replaced with new, despite the effort to find skills. Human repair always upgrades the component in question. Or one can fashion a better component. The only thing one knows for sure about a failed component it that it fails. Ergo, if one gets the same component new, it will fail again. After a few years of follwing this wisdom, your Morgan will become bullet-proof, assuming a good owner.



These pages are a limited non-exhaustive list of trustworthy suppliers of the best parts and services to the Morgan owner.  GoMoG and its Webmaster have no connection or interest in any supplier mentioned here and receive no recompense or benefit from any.  The sources on this page have earned their place on this page  through their many years consistent good service to the  community and the superior quality of their products.

Brakes & HydraulicsCooling
Covers, Tops & TonneausDash
Fueling- EFiGearboxes & Axles
ManualsPlus 8 Parts 
Roadster V6
(private group)
WoodI have many other parts references and stories
 after 30 years at
You can contact me.


Brakes & Hydraulics
Apple Hydraulics  (US) RECOMMENDED
White Post Restoration (US) RECOMMENDED 
Lotus Dave Bean Engineeering (US) (AeroQuip brake hoses) RECOMMENDED
Porterfield Brakes (RS-4 Pads) (US) RECOMMENDED
Cunifer Brake Tubing (US)
Kunifer Brake Tubing (UK)
Brakes International (UK)
Clutch Disks (UK) Morgan Plus 4 '58 to '63
H.D.Rogers & Sons Early Morgan Parts
Little British Car
Power Track Ltd (UK) Morgan and other brakes, clutch and rebuilding)
BSR-Aerotek (Braided brake lines and a wide choice of hoses and fittings)

MULFAB  (UK Alloy radiators for all Morgans) RECOMMENDED
SPAL Cooling Fans (USA)
SPAL Cooling Fans (UK)
Vintage Morgan Rads (UK)

Mk-Holztechnik (Germany) (Bespoke Morgan dashes and accessories) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Rhode Island Wiring  (US) (Morgan Wiring looms for 1951-1971 models) RECOMMENDED
British Wiring (UK Wiring harnesses and components for Morgans)
Morgan Rocker Switches (UK)
Classic Car (Switches, Rated Toggles and Lucas Replacements )
Vehicle Wiring Products (UK) (Switches and other wiring products)
Generator-sized Alternators (UK)

Fuelling Carbs
Burlen (the SU Company)
Weber Carburetors & Parts  (a U.S. source)
Weber Carburetors & Parts (a U.K. source)

Fueling EFI
Fuel Injection Corp (US) (Refurbishing AFMs, ECUs, injectors & fuel pumps)  RECOMMENDED
APT Electronic (Supplier and tester of Hotwire computers & AFMs)  RECOMMENDED
Cruzin Performance (Expert inexpensive injector blueprint & cleaning)  RECOMMENDED
Tornado Systems (the only Land Rover V8 chip connection)  RECOMMENDED
Avilec (UK) (Refurbishing AFMs, ECUs, injectors & fuel pumps)  RECOMMENDED

See Morgan Plus 8 Parts  

Gearboxes & Axles
J B Sports Engineering (Mossbox and Morgan Salisbury Axles)  RECOMMENDED
Ashcroft Transmissions (LT77s and R380s)  RECOMMENDED
Techniques (UK Morgan BTR Axle Specialist)  RECOMMENDED
HVDA (US TR 4&5 speed transmission conversions)
Conversion Components (4&5 speed transmission conversions)
CVH Sierra Gearbox Quick Shifter

Advanced Distributors (Lucas Refurbishers and Specialists)
Magnecor Ignition Wires (order direct and have them shorten the coil to distributor wire to measure)
Remote Keys Co (UK Key Coding)  

Belmog (EU) (1950 Morgan gauges)  RECOMMENDED
Speedograph Richfield (Vintage instrument and cable repair)
Speedy Cables (UK) (Cables of any type, transducers, instrument repair and conversions)  RECOMMENDED
Vintage British Cables (Canada)  (Vintage cables of any type, instrument repair and conversions)
Caerbont Automotive Instruments (New Smiths Instruments)  RECOMMENDED
Europa Spares (UK) (Source for fittings, trim and instruments and dash materials)  RECOMMENDED
Nisonger (US) (Instrument Repair)
North Hollywood Speedometer & Clock Co. (US) (Instrument repair and re-bezeling)
APT Instruments International (UK) (Smiths and refacing)
Green Gauges (UK)

The GoMog Workshop Manual
The Morgan Bedside Reader
A Yank in Malvern  

G.E.E. Ltd (Morgan chassis for all years and models)  RECOMMENDED

Mk-Holztechnik  RECOMMENDED
Moto Lita Steering Wheels
Wheelskins (Leather steering wheel covers) 
Steering Box Rebuilders (US)
Steering Wheels (excellent price) (US)

(Rutherford AVO and other suspension fixes for Morgans!) RECOMMENDED

Black Phey 
Nuera (Leather dying and reconditioning)  RECOMMENDED
Woolies (All trim parts and tread strips)
Bridge of Weir (Leather hydes)
New Creations (Leather, Vinyl, Cloth, Hard Plastics, matching and repair)
Aldridge Trim (UK) (will do Morgan leather) 

Michelin Collector Tyres (U.K.) (Vintage Tyres made new  for Earlier 4-Wheelers)
Michelin Collector Tyres (US) (Vintage Tyres made new  for Earlier 4-Wheelers)
Longstone Tyres (U.K. Tyres for Earlier 4 Wheelers and 3 Wheelers worldwide shipping) RECOMMENDED 
Blockney Tyres  (U.K Tyres for Earlier 4 Wheelers and Three Wheelers)
Antique Tyre Makers
Tyres Unlimited (UK)
Vintage Dunlop Tyres

Vintage & Classics (Early Morgan engine parts)
Vintage Sheet Metal
(Morgan metal parts, panels rads)  RECOMMENDED
Vintage Wings & Radiators
(makers of Morgan wings)  

Motor Wheel Services (UK the Morgan Supplier)  RECOMMENDED
MiniLite (Alloy rims for all Morgans)
Europa Spares (Morgan Wire Wheels and Wheel spacers)
Spinner Installation and Removal Tool
Spinner Installation and Removal Tool II  

Mk-Holztechnik (The Best Morgan dashes) RECOMMENDED
MMC-Trained Wood Craftsmen  

Glass and/or frames (heated)
Glass (unheated)
Wiper Motors 

Caparo Brakes  (UK) (Morgan supplier)  
Apple Hydraulics (Repair USA) RECOMMENDED
Past Parts  (UK) (Vintage and Morgan brake and clutch rebuilding)
Porterfield Brakes
(US) (Carbon Kevlar R4-s brakes pads and shoes for Morgans) RECOMMENDED
Power Track Ltd
 (UK) (Vintage and Morgan brakes, clutch and rebuilding) 
White Post Restoration  (US)


An immense effort over a period of two decades was required to create these resources. The information contained here may not be reproduced and is offered without any undertaking whatsoever. No warranty is suggested or may be implied. We ask that those who publicly cite any items here to please credit this source. This is the best way of providing backup and clarification to readers. Should you have a contribution or a correction to this Manual that you feel may assist your fellow Morgan enthusiasts please email us.

This Manual is an ongoing process. We have a waiting line for posting many times what is presently available on line. If you have a problem you do not see covered here, you are welcome to use the  GoMoG Help Line for a quicker answer (assuming we are not mogging!