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February 15, 2024
Flushing the Radiator and Engine (revisited) January 31, 2024
Removing the 3.9 LR Hotwire ECU Plug
February 11, 2024
Radio Interference
February 11, 2024

Hi Lorne, 
Just a quick catch-up and report on developments regarding Rutherford twin tube shocks for Morgan. Good news! Neil Pennock, who used to be Number 2 at AVO,  has managed to revive the brand. He is now operating under the umbrella of a long established (1982 ) company called TurboTechnics, whose premises are just round the corner from the old AVO factory, about 40 miles east of Malvern.  There is plenty of space there, and they have managed to acquire from the administrators all the AVO machinery. They are again producing Rutherford designed shocks, and have improved the quality control. We are just now shipping some to Linda Eckler in the USA. Tim  @  New Elms  February 8, 2024  


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