John has built five of his own Morgans and has experience of practically all four wheeled models. These have been no ordinary rebuilds. They have achieved the standards of the most critical judges in the country and have been awarded the highest accolades. John has won the Benson & Hedges concours with his Plus Eight WOR 8 as well as fifty other concours trophies. He is a former Chairman of the Morgan Sports Car Club, which was one of the fastest growing car clubs in the country under his tenure. He has been a Judge of Morgan ands Jaguar concours since 1987. As a result, he can give precious advice to anybody beginning the restoration of a Morgan sports car, and his book  (ORIGINAL MORGAN) provides a wealth of valuable tips.

But John is not a dry specialist and his book is filled with humor and anecdotes. Morgans offer a dose of individuality in an increasingly uniform world. The cars are designed and built with care and thought to bring as much fun as possible into the lives of the people who drive and look after them.

We welcome John  to the Panel.