Removing a Morgan Radiator

1. Drain the radiator and reserve the coolant.

2. Remove the fastener at the top of the rad where it attaches to the wing cross bar.

3. Loosen the clip and detach the overflow hose

4. Loosen the clip and detach the upper hose from the radiator.

Raise the car sufficiently off the ground so that the radiator will clear out below. If you have no lift available this will have to be done using jacks and jack stands. Make sure that the car is solidly secure!

6. Remove the clip and detach the bottom hose from the radiator.

7. Pull off the wires from the radiator fan switch

8. If you have a rad fan that is attached to the radiator, remove the fan motor connections at their first junction.

9.  Whilst securing the radiator in place (if necessary), remove the fasterners at the bottom.

10.  Draw the radiator out the bottom carefully taking care not to damage the radiator.