by Lorne Goldman

I started this article LONG ago and then abandoned it because it seemed so obvious that I would be ridiculed again by the silly non-Lorne gang.  However, lately, I have received a number of inquiries from people sending me links of 500£ pedal assemblies they wish to purchase so that they can avoid pressing the accelerator and brake pedals together with their foot! These people often have organ pedal accelerators rather than the once standard roller. I think of these moggers as the ballet slipper brigade! ;) So I checked out the elements of this article with a private forum of Morgan cogniescente  (Yes, they still exist and have merely retreated into the shadows in the last decade.)  Surprisingly, most of these stalwarts had no idea of this feature! Ergo, this article is back again. 

History (Morgan Clutch and Brake pedals)

Morgan brake and clutch pedals come in two types from the factory. 

Type 1 (more common) A flat piece of cast alloy, covered with a rubber pad with the company name on it. The rubber can be added or removed to create less or more leg and foot room for individual drivers. The rubber does make foot slippage less likely but the rubber pads have a tendency to fall off. I lightly glue mine on. The rubber  (and without it, the metal)  will wear fairly buy an extra set of rubbers or a pedal and leave them in the car for when the time comes.  The metal pedal has a tab at the rear that is attached to the rear of the pedal arm by a nut & bolt though a hole in the upper arm. 

NOTE A: The LeMans Edition (2002-2003) cars had metal pedals in which the Factory drilled a pattern., uncovered by rubber. 

NOTE B:  In later cars, after running into a bad batch of hydraulic switches, Morgan replaced it with a mechanical brake light switch that is awkwardly placed and can catch the cuff of one's trousers. I merely replaced the defective hydraulic with an hydraulic switch with that of another manufacturer and that was 15 years ago. 

Type 2

This is similiar to Type 1 except the pedal is welded onto the pedal arm.

Spacing Solution Type 1

Spacing can be added by simply removing the nut & bolt at the rear of the pedal section, which detaches the pedal. Then move it to the other side of the pedal arm from the side you wish to have more foot/toe space. That will gain you the width of the arm and the width of the pedal attachement tab....about 2 cm. This adjustment can be increased by adding washer(s) between the pedal and the arm on the side away from where you wish space created. You will likely decide to move the clutch pedal as well.

No cost and a few minutes work.

Spacing Solution Type 2

Sadly, I see no easy solution here aside from buying two of the Type 1 pedals, grinding the pedal section off the arm, drilling a hole where necessary and bolting the new pedals on using the Spacing Solution Type 1 method.