1950 TO 2019
Over time the designs of most manufactured  products become  incrementally prejudiced by what home insurers call
 "obsolecense". Nowhere is this  more common than in the automobile industry and Morgans have many such anomalies.They
 increase the frustration and cost for a repair enormously and needlessly. They Morgans less reliable and less safe. Cars are
 not created  using the same sequence of assembly used in their repair. Their major mechanics are installed before there is a
 body in the way. In many cases, problems with component accessibility are not examined again after and incremental design
 and components needs change over time. The often substantial extra unnecessary burden shift to owners. These things do not
 add to Morgan enjoyment and do not help the marque to survive. For those interested in absolute originality, remedial tweaks
 do  not  affect it. This  section hopes to be a guide, not for Morgan mods or non-Morgan addons, but for common sense.
1977 to 2004
Rover/LR Plus 8 4-speeds Sd1
Plus 8s and Rover Plus 4s

The Gearbox Cover Tweaks

A Factory oversight added MANY hours to
these cars in order to obtain access to
perform minor though vital  jobs to
handbrake and shifter remote. A costless
modification ends this.
1977 to 1996
Rover/LR Plus 8 4-speeds Sd1
Plus 8s and Rover Plus 4s

The odd placement of a non-Rover/LR
clutch leads to  its premature
demise over
 and over again. A costless cure. 
Pre-1993 ALL The Hand Brake Actuator To prevent easy fuel tank punctures and
 fires impacted at the rear or the rear sides.  
Post-June 1993 ALL The Front Brake Pads The pads are not a perfect fit and this
 should be regularly addressed at each service. 
Post-June 1993 ALL The Safety Brake Adjustment An improper setup of the orginal installation
hand brake setup prevent proper handbrake
function. This should be corrected.
Post-2000 (?) The Front Wings Stays To prevent their constant shearing part. 


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