by Lorne Goldman

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PICKED THE RIGHT GREASING ARTICLE FOR YOUR MODEL YEAR ! YOUR CHOICES CAN BE FOUND HERE UNDER "FRONT SUSPENSION GREASING".  Be careful, Morgan does not indicate their transition periods so it is often impossible to be sure what you have until you have dissassembled.

The bushes fit in the stub axle tubes, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the stub axle tube. As they do not fill the entire length of the tube, a grease reservoir or "grease holding area" is formed between the two bushes. As the stub axle slides up and down the kingpin, this reservoir  greases the kingpin (and therefore the bushes). The stub axle has a grease nipple exactly adjacent to the middle of this reservoir to service and fill this area periodically. The Factory manuals in the period suggested this be done every 5000 miles but this has been proven to be insufficient. We recommend 1500 mile intervals (greasing more doesn't do anything beneficial I can think of and makes a mess). [Since 2006 the Factory manuals reflect our suggested mileage interval.]

Greasing can be done with the car on the ground or on jack stands. A one- hand "pistol" greaser can be used. (When I am home, I use a powerful electric grease gun equipped with a flex hose. The device effectively creates an extra hand which makes the job easier.) The grease nipple angle can make it hard to properly center the grease gun but the angle of the grease nipple can be changed to suit can be changed. or alternatively buy an angled nose for your grease gun. A slight angle will do.

1. Turn the steering wheel until you have the best angle at the nipple,

2. Pump until the grease flows out under the damper plate (which sits on the stub axle shelf.). (That takes a lot of pumps!)     

3. Turn the steering wheel and do the other side.

4. Clean away any excess with a rag and, if necessary, brake cleaning spray. If any grease gets on your adjacent brake rotors, the effect on braking and steering is dangerous. 

WATCHPOINT I: Grease Nipple Type I have received many notes on the difficulties owners are having pumping grease into the stub axles in front. At first I thought it was the grease gun they chose, but I soon found the problem was even more basic. Many owners change the stub axle grease nipple (zirk) for angled ones which allow an easier time fitting their grease gun onto it. Sadly, they do not notice that the threaded portion of the Morgan grease nipple is short..shorter than most available. When they fit the new nipples they often thread them until they are forced into the kingpin. This blocks the flow of grease despite the use of eye-popping pressure. The front gets little of its needed grease feed and the kingpin can be damaged. 

WATCHPOINT II Seized Kingpins Morgan kingpins can seize. This happens more often with;
1.  DEVOL cars
2.  Those left in long storage and little usage
3.  Those with improper front end installation..poorly aligned bushes or an improper clearance between bushes and kingpin.

When Morgans seize in the front, the suspension is effectively eliminated, severely prejudicing the comfort and handling of the car.  The front end should be tested for seizure each time it is greased. This is a simple procedure.  Place a trolley jack under the middle of the crossmember. Jack up the car while watching each stub axle assembly in turn. Do to springs compress? Or does the car simply rise without the springs compressing?