Many former owners remember their long lost Morgans with fondness and with great curiosity as to its present whereabouts. At the same time, many present and proud owners of Morgans would very much like to know more about its history or details to return it to its original appearance.

To accommodate each, we have set up this page as a Lost & Found bulletin board. You may email the webmaster  the chassis number of the Morgan in question and we will post it below.  In each case, along with the information you have please indicate the chassis number in question and whether you wish wish your contact details to be forwarded.

We strongly suggest that any Morgan owners take the time to list their Morgan with the Morgan Registry.


1934 MX4
Looking for Present Owner
Chassis Number Unknown
UK Registered as AXN 13
1000cc Matchless engine. Used by
searcher's  father in the late 50's in
Birmingham, UK.
1934 MX4
Looking for Present Owners
Matchless powered v-twin Sports Two Seater
Had UK registration KY7896
Saltdean - Brighton - Steyning areas of the UK 
Sold  twenty year ago via Bob Angell of Ewloe, Clwyd, N. Wales, UK (Angell Fabrications)
Interesting photos for present owner
Looking for Present Owners
Had Registration KPE 427 
Last seen with fire engine red paint and red interior .
 Distinguishing marks were two large custom made
quick release caps for the petrol tank and the radiator. 
Other distinguishing marks were Morgan 4
wheeler side lights mounted on the mudguards. 
Sold in Portsmouth, Hampshire. 
1935 MX4 
Looking for Previous Owners
Chassis Number D 1325
UK registration HG 3220
1936 MX2 SS
Chassis Number 1642
Registered RV 9178 in Portsmouth through Burnets and Sons. 
Want information about owners up through Ian Bland of Coventry who
may have sold the car through Octagon Sports Cars, London around 1977.
1936 MX4 SS
Looking for Previous Owners
Formerly  located in Maryland/DC  area.
 Past owners were Bill Mulroy & Joe Cady
Vehicle now in the and present owner seeks
past USA history, photos etc 
1939 F Super 
Looking for Present Owners
Reg. number EKR 761
Looking for Present Owner
4/4 last last seen in 1965.
I have no chassis number. First registered in 1940 in Birmingham as
FOL 605.
Original colour unknown
but possibly dark blue. 
Later fitted with twin SUs and 4 branch exhaust
Looking for Previous Owners
prior to early 1970s
1957 4/4 series II
(orginally red)
Looking for Previous Owners
prior to 1976
1957 4/4 series II
(originally Ming Blue with a Black Interior)
Looking for Previous Owners
Engine No.MA359.
Purchased in England in 1978 from Lenhams.
Looking for Specific Previous Owner
by the name of David Peel of the U.K.
Looking for Previous Owners
Sent to Colmore's of Birmingham on December 19, 1938
 Colour green. Repainted in the 1950's? Light Maroon.
British Registration EOM 498.
Known Previous Owners include
Henry Luxford Gwilym, Dean Fraser Hood, James McArthur Gatt,
Howard Michael Jones, Arthur Hughes,
William Allan Day is the last owner recorded in 1971 in Kent.
Look forward to any help with parts.
Looking for Previous Owners
1947 4/4 Series I, blue with yellow wheels
Fitted with BMC B Series engine and gearbox
British Reg No GR9 052 , UK car 
Looking for Previous Owners 
 Looking for information on owners between first owner
 Robert Grahame
Fawkes of Maldon and Mike Robson, who sold this
 car to buy XOV 555.  UK registration172AOO. This car was fitted with a
 Lotus engine  when sold to Mike Duncan Ltd.  Was white when new and
 dark green  in middle to late 1970's.
 1963 4/4 Series IV two-seater
Looking for Previous Owners 
 UK registration 729 KNP.
Original colour Maroon, late sixties/early seventies orange.
Engine pre x-flow with Double Weber and Derrington manifolds.
1963 4/4 Series V
Looking for Present Owner
1964 4/4 2-seater
originally a 1500cc model but when sold in 1980 it had
a 1600cc ford X-flow with twin choke Webbers
Looking for Previous Owners 
1964 4/4 2-seater now fit with Cosworth Engine
Originally imported by Fergus Motors in New York
and then on through Sports Cars Inc. In New Orleans
Looking for Previous Owners 
1965 4/4 2-seater
Originally sold by Fergus Motors in New York
Light yellow with black wings
Looking for Previous Owners 
1965 4/4 Series V
British plate AFK 766
Sold through Fergus Motors of NYC Thought to be originally BRG
Bought in Memphis, Tenn. in 1975. Wrecked once, sold in two tone
 brown/with  black leather interior,
Ford engine number 271615, LHD 
1964 4/4 Series V GT Competition
Looking for Present Owner
 owned 25 years ago (car was green then)
 registration no. 4711 KR
United Kingdom
1967 4/4 Series V
Looking for Present Owner
Chassis number unknown.
Originally white, not ivory, with leather, wire wheels,
wood steering wheel. 1500 cc engine with remote shifter.
Was sold to Arthur A. Dulaney,III;  thought to be last in Dayton, 
Ohio where trail ends.
Looking for Previous Owners
1966 Competition 4/4 Series V 
originally green
Looking for Previous Owners
1966 4/4 originally yellow, 1500cc Ford
Looking for the Previous Owners
1968 Morgan 4/4,  RHD 
Had UK registration  JBM933F
Original color blue , now brown
Last owner, area Flitwick, Bedford
Looking for Present Owner
1951 +4 
red with black interior, Holly dual carb manifold. Originally delivered in
Germany owned in California from 1960 to 1962. 
Looking for Previous Owners
1953 +4 Flat Rad DHC
Looking for Previous Owners
Drophead Coupe April 1953 
Now in France, came from the USA.
Looking for Previous Owners
Four seater, interim cowl, Cavalier imported to U.S., originally red with beige trim, spent time in D.C. area
Looking for Previous Owners
Two seater, interim cowl, bean can headlights, Cavalier imported to U.S., originally Ming Blue
1953 Plus 4
Looking for Present Owners
In the late 70's I bought a 1953 Plus 4, in Lincoln, England
I rebuilt the car whilst at University in London
In 1981, when the project was nearing completion the
car was written off in a very bad accident
After a year in Australia, I returned to UK and sold the wreck
I do not know the chassis number, but the UK registration was NYF 452
Looking for Present Owner
1955 Plus 4 Four-seater
sold in 1984-86 to someone in Bartlesville, Oklahoma
then cream with brown fender
Looking for Previous Owners
1954-55 4 str Fergus car 
originally red Likely RHD--converted to LHD 
Probable competion history, evidence of front end shunts.
SU fuel pump retrofitted. Evidence of underhood fire.
Bought from a Mr Penseval of Cumberland R.I. in 1981. Any previous owner/info welcome. 
Looking for the present owners of 
a 1955ish green Plus 4 
restored in the Warwick area many years ago and bearing numberplate
LUX 77
Looking for Specific Previous Owner
by the name of Andre Pirone of the U.S.
1958 Plus 4, Eng. TS18567, Fergus imported to U.S., left Factory red then painted  "John Deere" green
Looking for Previous Owners
1957 DHC 
Looking for Previous Owners
 1959 +4 4-seater, sold new through Fergus 
in Miami, Florida. Originally red.
Looking for Pre-1992 Owners
1959 Plus 4 roaster. Car originally sold to Stern's Garage in Sidney, B.C.
Looking for previous owners 
1959 Plus 
Delivered to Fergus of New York 
Looking for Previous Owners
from 1960 to 1978
 1960 Plus 4 roadster
Originally sold by Worldwide Imports in LA as a 1961
 red with black Ambla interior, steel wheels, and a tonneau cover. 
Registered by Constance Star in Las Vegas in 1978
Looking for current owners

1960 Plus 4
Looking for Pre-1988 owners
1960 Plus 4 roadster Four Seaster, car originally sold through Fergus (originally blue)
Looking for Pre-1992 Owners
1961 Plus 4 roadster
Looking for First Owner
 1961 Plus 4 1961
Probably driven in California and, since 1996 in Holland. 
Looking for Previous Owners 
1961 +4 DHC, sold new through Hunt's in 
Birmingham to C. H. Newman, Jr. U.S. specifications, originally black.
Looking for Pre-1975 Owners
1962 Plus 4 Four Seater
  Looking for Pre-1978 owners
1961 Plus 5
 RHD but originally sent to Walter Magen & Co. in Germany,
possibly to an officer in the British Armed Forces
 Left factory 27/11/61 but registered in UK 27/12/62.
  UK  Reg. No. 607 EYT
 Shipped to USA Feb. 1978 and history known since.
 Original colour Green but Blue by March 1974. 
Looking for First Owner
1981 4/4 1600 4-seater
The car was originally light orange dispatched June 1981 to Otley
Motors in Yorkshire.  In July 1988 a new brown leather hood was
ordered from the Morgan Motor Company and despatched to
"The Surgery", Trimpley, Ellesmere in Shropshire and
 billed to Dr. R. Queensborough in Redbridge House

in Ellesmere.  In 1989 the car was in at the Morgan Motor
Company  for some
woodwork and retrim of rockers.
Looking for Previous Owners
 Engine Nr. 82267, LHD, 
Original Colour red, black leather
Left factory 21/09/61 consigned to
 Sterne's Garage, Sidney, British Columbia,

 Plus 4 - 2 Seater DHC
Looking for Present Owner
1962 SS high cowl, Fergus imported to U.S., originally dark blue
Looking for Pre-1989 Owner
1962 Black Plus 4 Four Seater purchased in Reno, Nevada. 
Looking for Previous Owners
originally shipped to Lew Spencer in California in June of 1962 
Present owner wishes to fill in the 1962 to 1970 period
1962 Plus 4, green with a black interior
Looking for Pre-1980 Owners
Aluminum body, Plus 8 wings, modified dash
 Dispatched as trials car with British License Plate no 138GAB,
 1962 Plus 4, green with a black leather interior
. Looking for Previous owners
1962 Morgan Plus 4 SS.
Shipped in October 1962 to Fergus Motors in New York.
Not licenced until 1964.
Looking for previous owners
Morgan Drophead Coupe
Shipped on May 29,1963 to Fergus Motors, New York 
Looking for Previous Owners
originally shipped to Fergus in New York owned in early
 '70s by Larry Lelong
in Palos Verdos, California and then
 Leone Lawrence  in Florida before being shipped to the UK

1964 Plus 4, yellow body with black wings
Looking for Present Owner
1965 Plus 4 
 previously owned by Courtland & Janis Mumford of Portland, Oregon
Beautiful Black 
Looking for Previous Owners
1964, +4
 Blue DHC
Looking for Previous Owners
1966 Plus 4,  Fergus imported to U.S., originally red with black leather trim & wire wheels
Looking for Previous Owners
1966 Plus 4 - 4 seater
Looking for Previous Owners
1966 Plus 4 
2 seater, left hand drive, silver metallic color (today)
Imported to Denmark in 1996/97 from U.S. or Canada
Looking for Later Owners
Original Owner of this US Spec Plus 8
Sold to a Mr Bronk in Florida in 1976.
  Golden Yellow with black interior 
Looking for Later Owners
Looking for my first Morgan Plus 8 
Registered as a 1971 but should be 1972 
Looking for Previous Owners
              A 1976, present owner has the car since 3/1990
                 and it is now registered in Germany. LHD Purchased in Hamburg,
          Germany from the  previous owner who restored the car
Looking for Previous Owners
1978 Plus 8
Car was purchased in Denmark
 The car has the name Allsopp + 8 written on the plate over the battery, 
and had the plate registration number CPT IS
Looking for Previous Owners
1979 Plus 8
Looking for the Present Owner
Corsa Red 1987 Plus 8 
Looking for the Present Owner
1987 Plus 8 
Car believed to be in the Netherlands

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