I am a writer currently researching the biography of a  remarkable Irish woman as told to me by her surviving  family. My question to you is this: according to the  family archivist she and her new husband bought a red  "Morgan 2" in England during 1915...could anyone tell  me what type of car this might have been?  Thank you for your time.


Ken Hill

As a Morgan historian and the author of eleven books on the Morgan Marque, I think I can answer your question. In 1915 Morgan's only made two-seater cars so it is doubtful if it refers to the seating.   However, all Morgan of that period were fitted with  a 'V' Twin engine. It is therefore likely that the Morgan 2 referred to is in fact a Morgan "Twin", the designation "2"  then being a common term used by the Irish of expressing the fact that it was fitted with a two cylinder engine.  This is the only possible explanation I can come up with. Best wishes for your research.
Ken Hill

John Sheally II

The Morgan 2 was a Trike and assuming the "Morgan 2" was a 1915 slang reference it could mean one of three things:

1. A Morgan TWIN or V=TWIN
2. A Morgan two speed (the early trikes had no reverse or third gear!)
3. A two-seater three wheeler.

Sincerely, JHSIID,

John Worrall

"MORGAN 2" refers to 2 SPEED (Which they all were in 1915.) The car would have possibly looked similar to the later Family Model (Coal scuttle type front) or even could possibly have been a Grand Prix !! without more info it is not possible to tell. Houston Bowden book will have pictures of the models from the period.


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