"I am considering removing and replacing my fenders (wings). I can easily see that they are bolted on. Are the nuts as accessible as the bolts? Is it more difficult than it looks?  Is it an afternoon's entertainment, or a more serious undertaking?  Are the fronts or backs easier to do, and which would be best to try first.  Mike P


John Sheally II


The taking off of wings is a fairly easy task,  assuming the nuts and bolts are not rusted or frozen. If they are spray them with Liquid Wrench, let them sit overnight then come back and do the job. Take the braces off at the wings, undo the bolt between the front and rear wings then back the screws and nuts
out. Remove the grill and cowl and lift the wings off.

When you put them back on I always use stainless steel, nuts, bolts washers and screws. Take your time and do it right. Go for it.

Sincerely, John H. Sheally II

Gerry Willburn

There is a huge difference between removing and reinstalled pre-fitted wings and and replacing them with new wings?  Quite a difference!

If you are speaking of the first case ...Why remove them?

It is not difficult to remove the wings (though probably more than an afternoon's entertainment).  The real question is why.  I do not recommend removing wings unless you want to replace them.  You find out things that you really do not want to know and it will probably escalate into a restoration project.  I do not even recommend removing the wings for a re-spray.

Replacing with new wings is a bit more difficult as you must fit the new wings and that takes special patience and expertise.


John Worrall

The first thing to consider is that if you are to obtain & fit new Wings then the new items will come uncut, undrilled and unflanged. The job of fitting the new wings is usually one for a good Body shop unless you have the required skills.

On removal of the old wings : all the fasteners are accessible but it will be necessary to remove the door threshold plates to get to the long screws which pass through the Door rocker into the centre part of the front wing and to remove the wheel arch trim to access the heads of the screws which attach the rear wing.

The procedure is : remove Bonnets,Grill, Cowl, Cowl Box then loosen the fasteners attaching the front  wing and the front to rear wing screws. To remove the rear wings the procedure depends upon the age of
the car: If it is pre 76 then you ideally need to remove the D Section alloy strips on the rear panel to access the screw heads attaching the rear faces of the wings to the wheelarches, if it is post 76 you ideally need to remove the complete rear panel...the way to cheat if you to cut off the screws protruding from this area and then just use woodscrews to reattach when you refit but I am not suggesting you
cheat !!!!

It is NOT an afternoons work !! unless you know something I don't..

Good luck,  John Worrall