"I am 6' 2" and I am wondering whether there is a way to increase the amount of leg room I have."


Bill Fink

To create extra leg room, depending on the seating, it is sometimes possible to increase the length of the seat tracks and move the seat farther back. Another option is to taper the blocks under the seat to lower the front edge of the seat. Finally, we have moved the bulkhead behind the seat back, though as you go back you need to angle the seat tracks so that they are parallel with the spring covers.

Current cars have an inverted cross member behind the seat which allows for more room in a vertical direction, bearing in mind the problem of the rear spring covers.

The ultimate solution is the inverted cross member, with relocated rear bulkhead, and coil over springs to eliminate interference with the rear leaf springs and vastly improve ride quality. As the bulkhead is moved back, the propshaft opening needs to be expanded to clear the universal joint.


Melvyn Rutter


The option which the factory offered to taller people was called a recessed saddle. This meant the rear bulkhead was fitted slightly further back than a regular car and with the seat being fixed further back, gave more leg room. We have re-produced a recessed saddle as an after market modification, but it is quite involved by way of time to do the job.

Best wishes,

John H. Sheally II

About the only way to get more leg room is to redo the panel behind the seat by moving the box bar and panel backwards and cheating the seat to the rear. a smaller battery will have to be used also and/or relocated and that will only give you minimal additional room. The use of a smaller steering wheel will let your legs come up a bit for more room and the addition of a race type seat with minimal padding will give you more room.

Best to you,


John Worrall

You can reverse the runners on the seats but take care not to damage the rear spring cover plates as the runners can now hit them! Doing this will effect the forward movement if there is also a short driver who shares the car.