I have owned Morgan 3 wheelers since 1968, starting with a grotty F4, and replacing that in 1970 with my 1938 MX2 Super Sports, which I still own. In 1981 I finished rebuilding as a Special, a 1927 Family. I still own it as well. Both Morgans have been used for Motor Sport, including racing, hill climbs, driving tests and trials. I even raced the Super Sports in a match race on a skid pan (I won).

In 1973 I bought my 1954 Plus Four for everyday transport  Apart from rebuilds etc (when a 3 wheeler deputises) I have used it as my everyday car ever since, and always run on crossply tyres, which are so much more fun.  I became interested in Morgan history in 1971 when I met the pre-war Sheffield Morgan agent Freddie James. I was instantly hooked, and have researched the cars ever since. My interests are Morgan 3 wheelers, and pre 1970 4-wheelers, especially in Motor Sport (they are Sports Cars after all). I work as an anesthesiologist in Sheffield, England, where I live with Jan, my wife. 

The photo shows me "beached", all 3 wheels off the ground in a 1990s VSCC Trial.

Regards, Jake 

Dr. J.D. ("Jake") Alderson is well-known throughtout Morgan community as a dedicated Morgan enthusiast, accomplished historian and successful author. He brings to the Panel an research integrity that is unsurpassed and deep knowledge of  the immortal Morgan Threewheeler.