With degrees and diplomas from Yale, Stanford and Keble College, Oxford, Bill Fink has been often referred to as the "professor of the Morgan world" . Not too "professorial" however, as the young Bill also balanced those studies with distinguished service as an oarsman on the Oxford Rowing Team.

Fink, who had been dealing in parts and second hand Morgans in the United States had come to the attention of Peter Morgan in the late sixties. That decade was the Golden Age for Morgan in the U.S.A. with the bulk of the Works production being exported to avid American buyers. The boom fell understandably hard for Peter in 1969-1971 when the new U.S. emission standards slammed the door on Morgan imports and his U.S. dealers.

Addressing the problem head on, Bill met with the Federal authorities and was intrigued with the discovery of an emissions exemption for propane fueled cars. Reams of paper and diagrams later (see Made in the USA), Morgans returned to the United States in 1974 through the new U.S. Morgan Agent,  Fink's ISIS IMPORTS of San Francisco.

Through all the trials and travails of meeting the changing USA regulations for 25 years stood Maurice Owen, Bill's mentor and a close personal friend,  without whose constant help and  understanding none of this would have been possible.

The ISIS orchestrated re-entry of Morgan to the United States had an impact for the Morgan community beyond a simple counting of cars sold. It was perceived as a firm declaration that Morgan will neither abandon its markets nor its faithful when profits and costs so dictate. It will strive to remain a car manufacturer for every country and every regulation.

Bill Fink's racing record,  technical antecedents and Morgan experiences have filled many pages with many authors in many books. They will richly add to this Panel.

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