Hermen Pol
(Picture taken at the Morgan Centenary
by Bob Burrows)

Hermen Pol has been avidly interested in Morgans for some 35 years, without ever owning one. In spite of that, (or perhaps because of it), he plays no favorites and has driven many models from trikes to Aero 8s.

Since 1982,  Hermen has spent a minimum of two weeks a year at the Factory, researching, computerizing the MMC records and organizing their collection of literature. After all these years, Pol admits he feels as if he is part of the Works family.

"My special interest lies in the four-wheelers between 1936 and 1968 and then most of all the rare varieties such as flat rads, Drophead Coupés, +4 Super Sports and +4+s and others. What fascinates me is tracking down the individual history of each of them. This takes a lot of patience, a good memory for (registration) numbers, much perseverance and often a little luck. Even  Morgans have become globetrotters!"

Back at home in the Netherlands, much of this Expert'ss time is is spent behind his PC in his dedicated "Morgan " room where so many Morgan people meet, in the flesh and via the web. Over the years Hermen has developed and nurtured many international contacts on every continent. For those Morgan owners of a hispanic origin, Hermen Pol brings to the Experts Panel a facility in Spanish along with his native Dutch and impeccable English.

He provides a valuable service in documenting the pedigree and history of any Morgan..thus establishing and increasing its value.  A visit to his site is a must. Click

We are pleased and proud to have Hermen's skills and contacts within the Panel.