Santa Cruz

In 1962, the after-school hangout of choice for the young Greg Solow was Lew Spencer Imports, then the West Coast Morgan Agent.  His "Morgan" education began there under the tutledge of Lew’s mechanics and Greg became an avid fan at every race meeting where Lew ran "Baby Doll V" or Roger Slowi raced "Cupie Doll”.

During a year in Europe in 1964, Greg saw the SLR Morgans race and visited the Factory three times. While there, he closely studied the building of the 4/4s and Plus 4s and saw the 1965 Earl's Court Show Car, a blue +4, under construction.

Back home in California in April of 1965, Solow bought the very last car Lew Spencer delivered before selling his dealership, a 1964 2-seater Kingfisher Blue Plus 4 roadster. Today, this car and friend is still in Greg’s possession and is used not only as a daily driver but does double duty on his business cards, stationary, T-shirts and his racer.

In 1966, after more Morgan training at Sutton & Pflug, the new Agent, Greg threw himself into autocross, Concours d'elegance and drag racing. Soon racing modifications began to transform the Solow +4. Power increased to an impressive 135hp resulting in a quarter mile performance of 92mph in 15 sec.

Greg opened THE ENGINE ROOM in 1970. The shop prepared and crewed a Lotus Super-7 powered by a Ford 109 E, the same engine found in many Morgan 4/4s. With limited resources, Solow's team was able to pump the car to 118 hp at 7900rpm from 54 hp @ 4900rpm. The car remained the D Production Champion of the San Francisco Region of the SCCA for three years straight (1970-1972).

In 1979 Solow began another career as a Vintage Racer in his Plus 4. At the 1983 Sears Points Races, Solow took first place ahead of a 1962 Corvette, a Jag XKE, a Lotus S-7, 2 Shelby-American GT-350's and others. He continues to race to this day.

There is no one on the Morgan Mail List that has not benefited from Greg's thirty-five years of Morgan experience and expertise. His contributions and advice are prime assets of our internet community. The talents he brings to this Panel are sincerely welcome.