John H. Sheally II
There are few in our Morgan world who are not familiar with the exploits and accomplishments of John H. Sheally II. Referred to by Ken Hill as "one of America's leading Morgan fanatics",  John has been a consistent Morgan winner at tracks and car shows throughout this continent.

Hailing from the beautiful state of Virginia,  John races, autocrosses and solo's his Morgan 1983 Plus 8 in Stock and Street Prepared. He also runs his Modsport BDD Cosworth-engined Quaife transmissioned Morgan 4/4. This horse will soon be replaced with a built-from-the-ground-up fully modified, alloy bodied Plus 8 done in the red center section and black wings to match the colors of his former race team. It  is now in paint and almost ready to hit the tracks, sporting a close ratio 5 speed and a stroked to 4.4 Rover V-8. With all these to keep happy, Sheally still hasn't forgotten his 1935 MX4 SS Trike and gives it ample road time. It would be unjust to forget the other denizens in the Sheally stable, a 1936 Chevrolet 2 door coupe once raced by Gerry Lovelace and now fully restored by John, a fully restored 1939 Chevrolet 1&1/2 ton truck to tow the Morgan racers,  a 53 GMC 1/2 ton truck with a Ford Grand Torino 305 V-8 and Torino trans and rear end,  a 1/2 ton '39 Chevy,  a 2 ton '52 Chevy flat bed and a '62 Dodge 1/2 ton with slant six all of which he gets a lot of work done with.

A photojournalist by profession. John H. Sheally II works full time for Landmark Communications / The Virginian-Pilot and freelances for most of the major Magazines. His show-winning family of cars must be some of the most frequently photographed and well known of all Morgans. If you check your Morgan library, you will find his name among the authors and he has another work on Plus 8s in the works.

As well as participating as a full Panel member, John has also graciously allowed us to present many never seen Morgan photos taken over the years which we will post in a rotating series in the GoMoG Morgan Gallery.

A very special thanks to the sponsers that
made 1999 the successful racing season it was.

of Malvern, England

of Lakeville, Indiana

of Suffolk, Virginia

of  San Francisco, California