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Matthias Kauffelt. Matthias started his career life as a graduate professional engineer but his hobby and heart were with woodworking and finishing. He began designing and making Morgan dashes in his spare time and the rest is history. He has raised the optional quality bar for this most visible Morgan component into the realm of vintage Rolls Royce. Indeed, he is often called upon to restore the most famous classics. His designs have been copied, but never matched. All woods and hues with other MK interior accessories.
Olde World Restorations
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Steve Barnes: Trained in the days when the Factory still made its own metal panel and parts, Steve has preserved the skills necessary to restore the most rare of Morgan vintage cars, both the 3 and 4 wheelers. Steve also is the vital conduit to the amazing Morgan cottage industry in Malvern, made up of former Morgan experts who have left the Works in recent years and set out on their own. 

Every community is blessed by craftsmen that go beyond the manufacturer and all others in creating the best accessories and enhancements. The Morgan community has been the very best example of this. Peter Morgan delighted in seeing what was possible and encouraged the legendary Morgan aftermarket. However, times have changed. These Masters are vital to owners, restorers, racers and any who want to go further with their Morgans.  All of the suppliers on this page are independent of the Morgan Motor Company and you will not find their products listed there, those copies of their ideas are not uncommon. All of them are known well by everyone who has owned a Morgan for a period of time. Each of them have had a goal to preserve and bring the cars to a higher standard. None needs to search out business.  Charmingly, even without an agreement on any level to that effect, they do not compete. They often sell each other's products and you will find their ideas quietly sold by the popular Agents who have been around a while. This page is for owners. GoMoG and its webmaster have no commerical connection with any of the stalwarts listed here and receive no benefit.