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Smith's Tachometer Conversion (from RVI to RVC)

GoMoG: I have changed the ignition of my 1968 4/4 competition (1600 crossflow) for an electronic ignition system (fitted within the existing distributor) and everything works perfectly, except the rev. counter. It is an electronic type Smith tacho. Any idea what I should do to have it reving again?
RVI and RVC Smiths rev counters both get their signal off the car's coil. However, those stamped RVI on the face of the tach are induction loop type and will not work with an electronic ignition like Accuspark. (Those marked as RVC will work.)

A decent instrument restoration service can do the conversion for you. Alternatively, you can buy a Smith's that WILL work.

You can also try to convert the tach yourself  or you can try a rewiring (works sometimes).