Adjusting the Morgan Rack and Pinion  Updated November 2014
by David Poole at the eMog Pub

Webmaster: Though this was written with the Jack Knight R&P in mind, the same procedure apparently works with the later Quaife unit as well.

The following procedure should be used to adjust the steering rack.  There is no specified torque setting for the adjustment locknut and the manufacturers specify that it should be tightened “sufficiently to lock the adjuster in place”.

1. Thoroughly clean the area around the adjustment assembly.

2. Remove the locknut, and remove and discard the lock washer.

3. If the rack has a significant mileage, unscrew the adjuster and remove it, together with the nylon follower and spring.

4. Check that the nylon follower is free to move within the bore of the adjuster, and that it is not damaged or worn.  If it is, replace it.

5. Replace the nylon follower in the groove at the rear of the rack, followed by the spring and adjuster.

6. Gently screw in the adjuster until it bottoms as it makes contact with the rack, and then unscrew it ¼ turn.

7. Place a new lock washer over the adjuster, with the internal tongue engaged in the rebate on the side of the adjuster, and the concave side down.

8. Hold the lock washer and do up the locknut finger tight.  Make sure that the adjuster does not move.

9. Bend the outer tab of the lock washer that is aligned with the gap at the front surface of the rack towards the rack housing, so that it that locks the adjuster to the rack body.

10. Tighten the locknut sufficiently to lock the adjuster in place, and bend one of the tabs on the lock washer away from the rack housing and over a flat on the nut.

The approved lubricant (which was used in manufacture) is BP Energrease FG 00-EP since it is a compatible with the application and gaiter material.  By 2013 it was no longer available. Here are alternatives.

Mobil Mobilux 2

SKF Alfalub LGMT

Shell Alvania R2 or G2

Esso Beacon 2

Morgan Steering Rack Types

The Morgan steering racks are produced by;

 1983 to 2007 2007 to date
Jack Knight Engineering (UK) Quaife Engineering (UK)
will repair and sell Morgan racks direct
will not sell Morgan rack direct