V8 Water Pump Comparisons and Options For pre-2000 Plus 8s (1996 Overseas)
by Lorne Goldman

The water pump is failing? It often announces its imminent demise with a leak underneath the pump's nose where there is a little weeping hole. That is a sign that the bearing is going and you had better address the pump ASAP. There are there are a number possible pumps you can use. They fall into four eras reflecting the different timing covers used, A. pre-Sd1 (1968-1976) , B. Sd1 (1977-1987) C. 3.9 covers (1991 to 2000 except the USA)  and D. then GEMS covers until 2004. If in doubt, contact me.

Buick V6
Buick/Olds 215
Buick 300 or 340
Rover 3.5 Sd1 Vitesse
Morgan Plus 8 Ready
Land Rover 3.9
Special Short Water Pump


Not all of these pumps will fit your Morgan Plus 8. There is no difference between EFI or carb versions.  The Buick and Olds pump have an outlet that sticks straight out and will interfere with a Rover alternator cradle.  The V6 pump is too long to line up the WP pulley with the crank pulley.  The later LR versions require a differeent timing cover (a big ugh!) But Its pulley mount is shorter than the rest, providing more radiator clearance.  The Rover Sd1 Part # is ERC474 (Morgan +8 1976 to 1990).

It is a single groove chrome pulley used on '69-'85 GM applications with V8 engines.  Its mounting holes are larger so a new set will have to be drilled to get it to mount on the pump.  Because it is a shorter pump, an engine driven cooling fan is more easily fit behind the radiator.

I find these pumps fairly easy to source if I am patient. Consequently, I have piled up a few new pumps for this era on both sides of the Atlantic. If you are stuck, I will spare one to get you up and running quickly. email webmaster@gomog.com The only difference between the non Morgan pumps and the Morgan pump is that Morgan cut the nose off these pumps to get them to clear the crossbar. No problem

There are two other solutions. The first is that these pumps CAN be repaired, contrary to prevailing opinion in the UK. There is no Rover repair kit, but there is one made by for the Buck pump which will do. $25 from vintage Buick specialist or UAP.

The second solution is to switch to the later front 3.9 timing cover with the bigger pump. I tried this as I have a bigger capacity Rover v8 at 5L. The watch point is that some machine work will be necessary to align the later water pump's pulley with the others. The payback is a bigger water pumping capacity.