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Introduction. In 1995, Land Rover, the supplier of the Plus 8 engines, moved to serpentine pulleys. On a Land Rover, these belts were designed to drive a number of parts not found on a Morgan Plus 8 of the day, such as power steering and airconditioning. Without these extra items, the stock Land Rover belt become far too leng to be used on a Morgan as the extra puleys are not present. The Factory turned to the aftermarket, specifically a Gates belt # 7PK-1025. Since then there have been complaints of squealing belts and pulley scoring. Here is the owl's story and he is sticking to it!

March 4, 2009

Greetings old chap,
The belt is a 6PK-1025.  It is slightly narrower than the existing 7PK belts, and so slightly narrower than the pulleys.
The squeaking and shrieking used to drive me nuts, and everyone was an expert: 'add this shim, remove that shim, use this spray, do not use that spray' .. and so on, and so forth.

I remember a few years ago I spent forever with spanners and sockets and rulers and what-have-you and finally, finally, got the blasted thing perfectly lined up and quiet. It stayed quiet for some months, the first months that it had EVER been quiet. I then took it to a well-known Morgan establishment and when I picked it up some time later the boss smiled at me warmly just before I drove it away and said, ''Oh! You'll be pleased to hear .. one of our mechanics saw that your belt was out of line and adjusted it for you".  I drove away contemplating murder listening to the bl**dy thing shrieking again.
I fitted a 6PK-1025 and now, at last, no more problems.
2003 Plus 8

Plus 8 Fan Belts 1968 (?) to 2000 in the UK and 1996 in the USA

North America

Gates 7440 or 7445. 5mm difference in length. 

Dayco, or Dynaflex Part number 15435

United KIngdom and Europe