Morgan Over Riders (the original)
by Lorne Goldman and Garth Morgan at the eMog Pub  

Owners of older Morgans often inquire where they can source replacements for their over riders, a popular Morgan option from the 1950s-1970s. These over riders are very different from those used by the Company since 2002 when they were reintroduced with the LeMans '62 series. Unlike these recent over riders, the originals are not aluminum, they are chromed steel, smaller and contoured. Many owners of later cars, retrofit them at the rear and remove the bumper (the correct original over riders fit without any modification to the later bumper brackets). The over riders (12 oz each) weigh considerably less than the later stainless bumpers and have a pleasing aesthetic effect.

For years the accepted lore was that the overriders were sourced form the later version of the Morris Minor. Sadly this is not true. Sad..because the Morris Minor is a well beloved car still and there is a constant supply of relatively inexpensive parts for it because of the level of demand. The Morris Minor overdress are indeed shaped exactly like those fitted to Morgans

BUT the bracket welded in at their back is set at the wrong angle. They will not fit a Morgan unless the bracket is removed and repositioned for a Morgan and welded in place..ruining the chrome finish. If they are found in a state where they need to be chromed, then the welding won't cause further damage. However, chroming overriders is very expensive.

The correct original over rider for a Morgan was sourced off the later version of the Ford 100E Anglia & Popular - 1953/62,  100E Prefect - 1953/62, 100E Escort & Squire 1955-61,  Prefect, Model 107E/108E 1959/61

..a less popular vintage car with only a trickle of replacement parts. The same over rider price trebles from the few Ford suppliers who can find one new or refurbished. The best soruces are in the UK..from vintage Ford suppliers for example

(at the rear)

by Lorne Goldman 2004

This is an article that must be put in no less than three GoMoG indexes, Electricity, Suspension and Exterior. Many owners suddenly notice that from the rear their Morgan is lower on one side, leaning to the right or the left, depending on which side the driver sits.  If the car leans to the passenger side, get yourself a new wife and ignore this article. Read on.

There are two possible and very common reasons for this,

1. your BUMPER is askew. Park on a level surface and measure the height of the car from the BODY to the ground, first on one side of the car rear and then the other.  If they are equal measurements, go to # 2 Now measure the height of the bumper from the ground, first one side of the bumper and then the other. If the bumper is askew, the entire car will look like it is as well.

The cure is simple. Have someone pull up on the low side of the bumper will you push down on the other (high) end of the bumper. Do forcibly enough until the bumper is level with the body of the car or the ground. Problem cured!

2. one of your rear leaf springs has SAGGED more on one side than the other. The greater sagging will be on the driver's side...especially on a couple's car. Males often drive alone and/or the wives are notably lighter, therefore the driver's side will sag faster. The effect? The effect is primarily aesthetic but it does reflect a car's lopside balance and therefore prejudiced handling. Though the dampening rate of leaf springs do not change as they sag..the ride height does. Yes. It looks lousy but then, if you want to, you can use #1 in reverse to disguise it if you are so minded. ;) If you are like me, you can correct the balance and with that, the handling. Of course, you must decide if you are correcting for use with a passenger (and approximately what weight) or when driving by yourself. 

3. The PLACEMENT of the battery This one-side's-leaf-spring-wearing-faster-than-the-other happens sooner and more severely on LHD Morgans than with RHD Morgans. The reason for this is esy to work out..and sad. Morgan, with its UK models, places its battery on the left hand side, behind the passenger. That makes eminent sense and is standard for a small RHD car. By doing so, the battery's weight in this placement helps balance the weight of the driver. And a good automobile battery is not a neglible weight..most weigh 20+ kilos which is multiplied in its effect over normal automobiles which are MUCH heavier. Happily, that is almost the difference between the weight of my wife and I. I will let you guess who is heavier.

Additionally, if you cogitate a bit, you will realize that one must double the weight of the battery to determine the effect of having it one side rather than the other as moving it means you have not only added its weight to one side but you have also removed it from the other!  So we are now talking a 40+ kilo effect on a car often weighing well 900 kilos. Yes..this WILL alter handling.

Yet Morgan does not change the placement of the battery for the LHD cars. It is placed behind the driver, adding to the excess burden on that one side. Add to that fact that later cars (post 1998 on overseas cars and post 2000 on others) have evaporative emissions systems. To accomodate these systems, Morgan shortened the width of the fuel reservoir on the RIGHT. The reservoir capacity went from 12.5 imperial gallons to 12 US gallons or (appr. 52.5 liters to 44.75 liters) a difference of another 6.2 kilos.

It is not a tough task to change the battery placement to the correct side. I have done so on all my Morgans after the first. As a consequence, my Morgans have NOT sagged unequally and they handle and look better. Of course, the best idea is to have your wife (or someone who weighs the same) enjoy your Morgan with you.

Happily for owners, this battery placement oversight on the Factory's part, at least for the last 20 years, has not been a design or supplier problem. As we find in other production decisions, this is purely a Morgan production manager problem, aka the boss's mistake. If you examine your suspension hoop and the tabs (both sides) on your battery shelf, you will find that there are provisions on the right for battery proper placement for LHDs as well. They are merely unused!  

As an additional enhancement to balance and handling, I take my wife with me and place her on the right.. I have dubbed her SWATSW. (she-who-adds-to-sprung-weight) and also because she hits me when I use that term. (mischeivous look)