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It has removed the scuttle shake and transformed the car, apart from the side impact protection. We managed to fit it without removing the seats and carefully removed the sill trim backwards to gain access for the bar.  Not an easy job, but a worthwhile club group project.
Webmaster Note: This is an effective addition to Morgans created by Bill Fink, the Morgan ISIS dealer in San Francisco. It is now a feature of Morgan production. It adds needed stiffening to this part of the car which improves handling. It offers real safety protection in the event of a roll and acts as the anchor for Morgan crash doors, effectively creating a protective cage around the occupants, especially for rear and frontal impacts. Saved my life.



Replacing the Sills (aka Rockers)
by Lorne Goldman

The sills in a Morgan  interior is a term that refers to the side panels in the interior that abut the seats on their outboard side and cover the frame and the wiring going from the front to the rear. You lift your leg over them to get access to your seat. In the older cars, they are simply stiffened with horse hair and covered with whatever upholstery the original buyer could afford.  The horsehair holds moisture, the upholstery looks lumpy and  the adjacent wood rots and the adjacent metal (the frame) rusts. The access to the all-important wiring in that area becomes awkward and long.

There are many amateur solutions that have been tried but happily the aftermarket in England has lead the way again with an ideal fix. Black Phey, owned by Vic  Championess, a Morgan enthusiast and perfectionist who has been a happy fixture in the UK Morgan community for decades. One of the favored UK Morgan aftermarket suppliers. Vic has come up with many fine products. In this case, he makes fiberglass (glass fiber) panels that adjust easily and clip into place forming perfect sills that can be quickly upholstered (with or without foam padding). It is inexpensive and it allows easy access to the wiring underneath.  Please see a fuller explanation HERE.

The effect is much more attractive than any amateur effort. Beware, as happens so often with talented aftermarketeers, Vic's idea has been copied and presented as his work or that it was concocted by others.