by Lorne Goldman

Am I seeing this right? In the attached images of the aniversary 4/4, is Morgan using the old style trifoil (alternator, gas, oil) gauge again? Is it the same size as the original, and would it fit my '58?
Hmmmmm. . . . .  Dominic, Chicago.

Sure. They have been available for awhile. Caerbont, the instrument supplier who took over the Smiths line (and many others) has been doing them for years. (Caerbont is the supplier to the MMC.)

They have a whole line of tailor-made Smiths where you can choose your bezel color (black, chrome, brushed aluminum or gold), or your choice of 5 bezel shapes, or your dial color, (black, white or magnolia aka cream) or you needle color or the font color (red white, black, blue or brown.

For example, the 3-in-1 gauge you like can be had in a magnolia dial with a chrome half round bezel and a brown font with a brown needle for £95 ($165 USD) They also have matching tachs for 4,6,8 cylinders, speedos, water temp, clocks... from £35 up in your choice of everything.

You can buy them through Europa Spares.


They are held around the column by a small half-moon metal plate that screws into the windscreen wiper stalk opposite on the other side of the column. It has a white plastic plug that connects it to the wiring loom.

They were used on all Morgans from 1977 to June 1997. (Different switches were used before and fater these dates). The right part number is Lucas SQB119. They are still available from some Morgan dealers.  They were also used by:

AC 3000 ME 1979 to 1985
Triumph Dolomite (all) 1976 to 1981
Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1973 to 1981
Triumph 2000 2500 1975 to 1976


WATCHPOINT:  Sadly they were not made to fit a Morgan. When installed they will sit too closely to the dash. The stalk must be bent forward to manage a good fit and this can break the stalk. Use the old stalk as a guide for how much and try to find a pipe-bender to help. Or, fit the stalk in a vice and bend VERY carefully.


At an UK autoshow some decades ago, a famous Morgan dealer approached the Smith's Instruments sales representative and asked why the Morgan instruments always misted/fogged up. The reply was illuminating. It was explained that the Morgan company insisted in buying the mildly cheaper line of "interior" instruments, rather than their line of intruments made for outdoor usage. In fact, Smith's Marine line of instruments did/do not have a reputation for misting.  The same applies to the older VDO gauges..they do not have venting their newer gauges have.

Are their solutions?

1. *** URN ON THE DASH LIGHTS  The little bulb in each instruments will heat the lens space and soon burn off the fog.

Smear the rear of the guage with silicone. As well, behind your lenses are rubber "O" ring gaskets, they may be dried out or cracked. Replace them and make sure your bezels fit tight when you put the glass,"O" rings and bezel back in place.

drill a couple of 1/8" holes around the perimeter of the gauge housing to allow for ventilation.