4/4 Ignition Immobilizer (1999-
by Lorne Goldman on eMog

GoMoG has run across a number of 4/4s with an immobilizer issues. The Ford Morgans from 1999 use a key that is a melange of efforts and designs from
4-5 companies; Ford, Land Rover, Valeo, Morgan and likely another aftermarket supplier.

As far as can be worked out, (awaiting further info). The keys are made by Valeo to LR specs (?) but the security system (immobilizer) is Ford, represented by a chip glued in position to the key. When the little chip falls off, the key will not start your Morgan. If you find it, you can re-clue it on and all's well. If you don't..... :(

So point one is to check your keys and their chips. It would be wise to carry a tube of instant glue and a spare because the only instant solution to a missing chip is another key or a long tow home. If you have lost the chip or want a spare..you have two options (or less outside the UK). You can contact the Factory. They will not sell you a spare key. They will supply you with a full new key ignition system (with new keys) This is very costly and a long install.

However, any decent locksmith can help you out. Once they know where the key comes from, they can get a "blank" for your existing keys. I have been told by a number of dealers that it is easy for a locksmith to work out how to attach the Ford chip( in no time and negligible cost). To program the new key, take the master key and insert it three times into the ignition, then insert the newly made for Morgan key. This will copy the programming from the master to the new key's chip.

Plus 8 Immobilizer (Lucas 10 AS)

"I still have a huge problem with my immobilizer system."

It is the Lucas 10 AS System. One requires some Lucas Sagem GEMS Engine Management to deal with it. The Lucas 10AS security system is very sophisticated and can accept multiple analogue and discrete sensor inputs, warn of catalyst overheating, as well as control alarms and interior lights – sadly only the engine disable (secure  immobilization) function is used in the Plus 8. It is controlled by a remote “PLIP”, and when disarmed it sends a data word to the GEMS which compares it with a stored data word – if they match GEMS will allow the engine to start. If not, you rest (excuse the expression) immobile.

The solution is to buy a hand held diagnostic/programming unit for your car.  You will also need a Lucas 10AS module SM031 and the proper interface (s). Here is the manaul for the key and immobiizer. CLICK.