by Chris Towner for the eMog Pub

1. First undue 3 clips which hold on stainless snorkel on the right side of the engine and remove the snorkel.

2.. Central to the bonnet are 2 large diameter jubilee  clips, loosen  these ....(there is a sensor probe residing in the middle.

3.  On the left hand side 2 clips hold the feed tube, unclip these. These are next to the heater insulation box and more or less central to the bonnet halfs. There is an O ring there as well.

4. The stainless filter tube housing can now be persuaded off the 2 grommets at the bottom base and  slid  past the grommets at  the right side vertical. This now allows the filter tube housing to turn to a friendly position and allows the filter to be removed. The tube is now in a position that allows the air filter to be removed without obstruction.

5. There is a center nut and flat cover that holds the filter in place, remove this and replace filter with OE or K&N.

Reverse the sequence for reinstallation.

K&N Filters (send in yours!)

I have just finished sourcing and purchased a K&N filter for my +4 with  wedge  air box.  The part # is E-4595 and fits perfectly. Pass it along.

The K & N part number that I used is E-0890 , which provides a good fit .  

Jim Zuber  
71 +8 ( R7440)

Hi Lorne

K & N air filter for the 2000 T16 +4 is part number K/NE-2360 

Roger T

K&N for UK 1600 CVH is K&N 56-9017
A crankcase breather adapator is available, can't find the part no. This is a plate with a short tube on it which fits between the upper and lower  plates on the air filter. I found it contaminated the filter and would
reccommend either fittng an adaptor to the bottom plate of the filter or,  as I did, fitting a vented oil catch bottle.
Bill Beddows

UK 98 +8 4.6: K&N Filtercharger, part no. E-2350.  

Achim Gloger 

1976 Plus 8
Lorne, We use K&N RC2600 times 2 That is the tapered one that fits onto the U bend from the carb and sits back to back with the one from the other side. Rob Wells