by David Rutherford & Lorne Goldman 

We recommend that the rear telescopic shock absorber kit is used with softer rear springs than the standard 7-leaf springs which we feel are stronger than necessary even for those that have passengers in the rear. When we fit a 4-seater rear telescopic kit we usually remove the Oddly some race preparers think the more leafs the better.rear springs and convert them to 6-leaf springs. See Converting from 7 to 6

For those who require maximum ride comfort and never expect to drive their 4-seater fully laden with four adults and a full luggage rack, it is possible to change the rear springs for 5-leaf springs. These combined with the quality telescopic shock absorbers provide the best control for the 4-seater rear suspension.

by Vern Dale-Johnson at the eMog Pub

I rebuilt my 66+4 rear suspension about 5 years ago.  Used the Rutherford engineering individual towers "bolt on kit" made for the 4 seater (these fit in the original "shock boxes" in the rear footwells and are tied together using the "bar" that forms the front of the rear seat bottom cushion).  I highly recommend the setup as it uses the "long" Koni's or Spax shocks (as Lorne notes this gives maximum travel).

For the springs, when I rebuilt in early 90's I put in new 7 leaf springs then, when converting to the Rutherford system Dave Rutherford was kind enough to give directions on how to cut a 7 leaf system to replicate a 6. See below.

go from 7 leaf to 6 leaf by

remove leave 5 (3rd from the axle)
leaf one stays the same (duh! it has the shackles)
leaf 2 stays the same (tied to leaf 1)
leaf 3 cut the front portion to 15.5 inches from 18.25 inches
leaf 4 cut the front portion to 12.5 inches from 15.75 inches
new leaf 5 (old leaf 6) unchanged
new leaf 6 (old leaf 7) unchanged

You'll need to shorten the shackle bolts or have new ones made.  Don't forget to grind the new cut edges and oil between the leaves.


Please pre-forgive me for the following: Morgans are so light that adding or subtracting 2 people from rear seats  makes for a constantly badly balanced and uncomfortable car with very bad handling. After all, two people represent 20% of the weight of the car! Of course, 4 people can be lots of fun, but  it is NOT sportscarring or perfectly safe for these reasons

One can, as one can with 2 seaters, adjust the suspension, either for two people or 4 people, but not both simultaneously. There is also the matter of the numbr of leaf springs. The Too many make a Morgan painful. I use (on my muscly Plus 8s), 5 leafs or the newer 4 leafs. Morgan 6 leafs are only suitable for the area around Malvern where the MMC tests everything. Morgan 7 leafs make any Morgan undriveable, IMHO and that of the legendary D. Rutherford. There are devices that can change the spring rate of leaf springs and some, shocks are adjustable, at least for a short time. But the adjustment time is a hassle and the methods are a hassle. The other solution is to leave the rear alone and suffer the lack of comfort and handling when you are only 1 or 2 people in front, 

WATCHPOINT Oddly some race preparers think the more leafs the better. Sadly this makes their cars bounce with every minor road surface anomoly and spend more time in the air, where the skills and power are moot. For some reason amateur moggers think that setting their cars up for racing is a good thing, though the environment and goals in racing are quite different from those of a road going Morgan.  I have done both though admit to enjoying pitcrewing more than piloting.