Noting much to say aside from an excellent original system for any car manufacturer. No wonder they never changed it! A keeper! It is easy to see why the Plus 4 made Morgan's reputation. Easy to HFS's influence unless we owe its design to our Triumph cousins.

My only analaysis here would be that the manifolds and twin pipe be ceramacoated..assiming they haven;t rusted away by now. If this is done after sandblasting, inside and out, and then ceramacoated inside and out as well. I would change the silencer, tailpipe, fittings all to stainless.


Once again, nothing but good things to say. Aside from the retention of the dubious rubber doughnut at the end (EF222, EF220, EF084) I would only suggest that the manifolds and the downpipe be ceramacoated. They will flow faster (and hey!) they have discoloured the first time you used them anyway.
I will forgive the flexpipe as it is so short.